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    Hey, if you Lopez it, the Constitution doesn't say states CAN'T have a military. Claim 2nd amendment, "militia" to protect liberties. Gain NB off of fed. government screwing us over poreign policy wise
  2. Reverse Affermative action on Aff. Have historically black colleges accept less qualified white people. Ironic Aff to point out flaws = win.
  3. doesn't the non-unique link to tix make it fall to inherency?
  4. But I'm talking about bypassing plan- just being critical of the resolution. I've never seen someone do it- maybe I'm just inexperienced. Can you run this type of argument even without a plan link?
  5. So i was thinking for the neg if it would be possible to argue semi-critically against the resolution as opposed to the plan. You could argue the whole "give a man a fish as opposed to teaching him to fish" thing, and say that giving social services is a fundamentally wrong way to approach fixing problems. Also, win framework that aff must defend the resolution-- not that hard to do.
  6. So? res doesnt require us to solve for poverty, only help poor people.
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