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  1. Sorry Ian I don't think I could live up to your expectations. UMKC has a 6 year BA/MD program.
  2. While I had heard that and really wish I could get a job at a school that puts so many resources towards debate I wouldn't be able to take that job. The Blue Valley School District has a rule about hiring grads that involves waiting until the individual is a junior in college (I may be off slightly but that is the jist of the rule).
  3. It looks like I'm going to be attending umkc next year and while I will be very busy with medical school I would like to find an assistant coaching job. Is any school hiring?
  4. For three trails senate I'm pretty sure its Stephie Shull not Sarah Shull
  5. You guys arguing over who is better is like DTrain and I arguing over who is better at playing basketball because ultimately he is a gawky sri lankan and i'm an uncoordinated jew. In the same way none of you are really major players in the debate community so does it really matter who is better?
  6. Michael Kennedy is the man. He has tigers blood running through his veins.
  7. Your forgetting t-subsets bro! Without it the 1a will destroy you
  8. I vehemently disagree with this. You have a fatal misunderstanding of the affs link story. There is no reason a Japanese nuclear meltdown would fuel antiamerican basing sentiment. In fact, poor response sorta like bush's poor response to Katrina probably further weakened the dpj strengthening the linkturn. Your argument reminds me of an old Yiddish quote,"if my grandmother had testicles she would be my grandfather." Simply enough, this is a non-sequiter.
  9. This File is an update on conventional arguments against Japan Affirmatives as well as an inclusion of new inventive arguments that the AFF won't be ready to answer. It includes answers to the two biggest advantages: China and Relations. Not only does it provide 1NC arguments but additionally has throughly developed 2NC blocks that I guarantee will win rounds. See the table of contents and learn more about the file below http://www.cross-x.com/evazon/product.php?id=10917 For Japan relations the file primarily features link turns that say that basing is key to relations and includes a plethora of reasons. The link work here not only is predicated on recent developments in the Japanese political climate, but also assumes recent developments with China's military. Also, I include answers to most viable aff arguments. For China I spent a lot of time working on the "Chinese Relations Collapsed" argument. Additionally, I answer most impact scenarios as well as answer internal links. Japan Neg Japan Neg 1 ***Relations Advantage*** 2 1NC – Okinawa key to Relations 3 2NC – Okinawa key to Relations 4 2NC – A2: Public Backlash 5 2NC – A2: Hayotoma Resignation 7 2NC – A2: Okinawa 8 2NC – A2: Worried We’ll Stage a War 9 2NC – A2: Gallup Poll 10 1NC – Relations High 11 ***China*** 12 1NC – Relations Collapse Inevitable 13 2NC – Relations Collapse Inevitable 14 2NC – Currency Manipulation Extension 17 2NC – JME Extension 18 2NC – North Korea Extension 19 2NC – A2: Obama Measures to Improve 20 1NC – Relations Don’t Solve War 21 2NC – Relations Don’t Solve War 22 1NC – No Relations Spillover 23 1NC – China Mod Non-Unique 24 1NC – No War 25 2NC – No US China 26 2NC – More No War Cards 27 2NC – A2: Straits Times 28 1NC – Japanese Rearm 29 ***Miscellaneous*** 30 Random JME Card 31 A2: Democratic Transition Solves China War 32
  10. No it was a 4-2 bubble round. Thank You for the encouragement. How'd you do at the glenbrooks?
  11. The newly released Word PIC file is an end of the year must have. As the season is winding down one thing becomes clear: competition is heating up and teams are choosing to break new affirmatives to get a competitive edge. The question then becomes how should you counter this? Simply put, Word PICs. While there is undoubtedly a large amount of comedy that surrounds the Word PIC their strategic value is undeniable. Certain words consistently occur in plan texts and having well cut word pics makes answering affs you don't have a case neg to easy. For example, there are a ton of K Affs on this years topic and prepping for every one of them at a small school would be ludicrous, but at the same time almost every one of these affs has the phrase "military presence" in the plan text. Why not win on a word pic that has a better ethical character than the AFF. Ultimately, a lot of rounds can be one on the word pic. Additionally, there is empirical evidence that this file wins. I read a word pic most rounds of every major national circuit tournament I went. In fact, I won round 7 of the glenbrooks on one of the word pics included in this file. I suggest that anyone who is looking for a niche buy this file. Finally, I am more than willing to help anyone who buys this, or any other of my files prepare blocks/do more research. Word PICs Table of Contents 1 1NC Japan PIC 2 2NC Japan Impact 3 2NC Orientalism Solvency 4 Japan Replacement Term 5 1NC Korea PIC 6 2NC Solvency Trick 7 2NC Link 8 A2: Stamps Prove Not Colonialist 9 A2: Other Replacement Word Better 10 Other Replacement Term 11 1NC Afghanistan PIC 12 2NC Link 13 2NC Turns Case Card 14 2NC Root Cause Card 15 1NC Iraq PIC 16 2NC Iraq Link 17 1NC Sea of Japan PIC 18 1NC Forces PIC 19 1NC Depleted Uranium PIC 20 1NC Detention Center PIC 21 1NC Military Presence PIC 22 2NC Link 23 1NC Missile Defense PIC 24 Other Replacement Term 25 1NC Nearly All PIC 26 1NC Withdraw PIC 27 2NC Withdraw Link 28 1NC UAV PIC 29 Racist Language Impact 30 Orientalist Language Impact 31 Euphemisms Impact 32 Gendered Language Impact 33 Generic Perm Answer 34 Generic Word PIC Solvency 35
  12. Version

    Table of Contents This argument is really simple. I took the T-Subsets i.e. in is throughout and wrote 2NC blocks for it. This is going to be a really clutch file to have during the end of the season because teams will be breaking a lot of new squirly affs. Having a well blocked out T file that is responsive to basically any aff helps heg against getting caught off guard. Most debaters are bad at debating T meaning that a debater that learns how to get good at debating T has an easy time winning neg debates. I make a lot of nuanced and tricky arguments in this file that will most likely not be answered by 1As making the 2NR a walk in the park. Any questions email me.

    4.00 USD

  13. Version

    Table of Contents This is a must have on this years topic. The Japan AFF is probably the most prevalent AFF other than COIN and having an effective case strategy is necessary to win debates. This file has amazing evidence quality with 2NC blocks that are ready to read in round. The cards are all pretty new and I feel that no one will be disappointed with this file. Included are answers to the Relations Advantage, the China Mod Advantage, and the Rearm Advantage. No 2A likes a big case debate so pressing them by putting offense on their main advantages is an easy way to beat teams that are better than you. Additionally, the nuanced arguments on the china war debate will leave the 2A taking prep to figure out the intricacies of your strat. Any questions and you should email me. This file is worth every penny.

    8.00 USD

  14. Version

    Table of Contents This file includes basically every Word PIC that is needed for the Military Presence topic. I included link evidence for 13 different Word PICs that are all topic specific. Additionally, the end of the file has some generic impact/perm cards that can be used. This file is useful in that the Word PIC is probably the hardest argument to answer. Additionally, this provides easy strategies to go for against almost every AFF. Finally, there is proven success with this file; I beat multiple TOC qualifiers with this file and had success at various national tournaments. Whoever buys this file is welcome to email me with questions on how to write blocks for this argument/how to deploy it in round.

    7.00 USD

  15. QFA Amanda was definitely one of the best debaters in Kansas this year and proves that if you go resolved to put in work and be the best debater you can be, you will undoubtedly shine.
  16. Dude, that wasn't directed at you. I have the utmost respect for you and Chris. I think you both will make fabulous debaters next year. I am really sorry if it came off as though I was belittling either of your debate skills. I just think that it is wrong to not give respect to Addison. I would say a good example of this sort of lame style of debate would be myself as a sophomore. Jimmy and I were mediocre at best when it came to debate technique so we both decided we would win rounds by reading the Heidegger K that Sean Kennedy wrote at KU. While we won more rounds that year than probably anyone but Dean/Nichols it came at the expense of not improving at debate. My point was simply that the debaters that I believe have the ability to improve are those that have the basics of making arguments down. In all honesty if I made a list of the 5 debaters most likely to succeed next year both you and Chris would make the list. If my tone came off as rude, it was solely because I was disheartened by Chris's seeming bewilderment at the inclusion of Addison.
  17. It means he isn't a card monkey Chris. The dude knows how to articulate smart arguments. I've noticed a lot of "champ" debaters in Kansas predicate there skill off reading weird shit and being really fast. While I guess thats cool cause debates ultimate goal is to win it catches up with debaters at higher levels. So basically, while like most juniors he doesn't have all his debate tech mastered, he has the propensity to tool all of you next year if he gets it figured out.
  18. I thought it was pretty solid. Both Killian and I went to UNT and I feel that we both got a lot out of it. I went after my freshman year and came back really prepared I felt. Killian went before senior year for four weeks and got dramatically better.
  19. I went to georgetown and have a couple things to say about it. First, I thought it was the best camp I went to and keep in mind I also went to Mich 7 and UNT. Here is something to remember though: Debate camp is entirely based on the amount of work YOU are willing to put in. Regardless of whether you have the best lab leaders ever if you are messing around it doesn't matter. This is my big criticism of JDI is that I know most of our debaters screw around even though Q, Box, the Kens, and the rest of the staff are incredible resources. The things I thought were good about Georgetown - Great Lab Leaders - Seth Gannon, Nate Cohn, Jonathan Paul, Nick Rogan and other legends - Willingness to help outside of lab - this was my big criticism of michigan, but regardless of your skill level guys like Bill Batterman and Antonucci are willing to listen to practice speeches nightly, and just talk about concepts. - Good Debaters - one thing that is important about any camp is that the people you are debating are good. Regardless of staff quality if you are debating noobs every round then getting better becomes more difficult. Some stars like Kush Patel, Quinn Zemel, and Layne Kirshon have gone there. Things I didn't like - Ridiculously expensive for a 3 week camp - Not as many practice rounds as i would of liked but that was made up for by out of lab speeches Ultimately, if you wanna get great I'd do there Georgetown Michigan state deal
  20. What were you expecting from her? A manifesto on how much she loves debating in front of mothers. Baby steps michael. Baby steps. I thought I would add a couple pieces of advice for next years debaters, and while I think most of this is obvious I figure why not. I suggest some other seniors do this. These are the 20 things I feel like a lot of debaters need to do. 1. Learn to Flow - This sounds really simple and really self-evident but the number of teams who can't actually flow is astounding. I believe that you will go at least even at most tournaments if you can flow. Most high school debates are incredibly lopsided because of concessions and this is usually based on a lack of flowing. There is no excuse to concede No Value to Life.... Circle this sort of stuff and beat teams that are one trick ponies. 2. 1ARs should shadow flow - The number of 1As who waste time flowing the block is ridiculous. If you are taking more than a minute of prep for the 1AR I feel like you are really screwing over the 2A. Shadow flowing not only will make your speeches sound better because you compartmentalize debates but you probably won't concede things because when you hear No Value to life you will write down - Existence Precedes Essence (Insert Schell). 3. Write Blocks - If there is a generic you read every round you should be prepped to answer most common arguments against it by just reading blocks. While I think block dependency is bad, it saves prep time and increases speaks and wins. This is especially true of the 2A. 4. Sign Post in the 2AC - An easy way to make your speaks increase is by organizing the case debate in the 2AC well. What I mean by this is say 1NC 1: No Impact - then answer it. It makes it incredibly easy to flow and more likely your judge understands what your saying. 5. Don't Read Cards for the Sake of Reading Cards - I was watching an Octos round at state where in the 2AC on a PMCs regulations counterplan the 2A read like 9 cards about why regulations fail. The tags to all of them were just like Regs Fail. This was a ridiculous waste of time. No one in the room knew why he was doing it because there was no explanation of diversity. This is partially poor tagging, but more just bad time allocation. Make sure if you are reading cards there is a reason for it. 6. Impact Out Arguments - This is BY FAR the most important thing you should get from this post. I have not debated a single team in Kansas this year that has done this. It is not enough in the 2AR to be like They Concede No Value to Life - Zizek and Daly say capitalisms profit over people mentality robs us of our value to life because A) that doesn't make sense and there is no explanation of the significance of this to the ballot. If you aren't impacting out arguments you deserve a 27. 7. Have a Purpose in Cross-x - A lot of debaters seem to just get up in cross-x and ask a bunch of open ended questions like, "What does your K say?" This is bad for a couple reasons, but most notably because the 1N will most likely just keep waxing poetic for 3 minutes about the K allowing the judge to get a real clear picture of their argument. Think about it, if you don't get an argument chances are the judge definitely doesn't. Try to set up arguments like competition for counterplans. 8. Don't Steal Prep - This doesn't need an explanation....The clock starts when cross-x ends. 9. Don't Clip Cards - I feel like a bunch of people don't realize this is cheating but it is. If you are not marking cards while you are debating. You are commiting an ethics violation. 10. Don't Read ahead on the viewing computer - I understand a lot of you do not understand paperless debate but this is also cheating and you should lose because of it. You ARE NOT allowed to read ahead on the computer from where the speaker is. I noticed some very "famous" Kansas debaters did this. One round at NFL that I lost in front of some parents a team did this and did not listen to my speech just went from arg to arg. That is unacceptable. 11. Open Cross-X isn't Cool - I am definitely hypocritical on this, but in general you shouldn't answer your partners questions. If the person being cross-x'd doesn't know the answer to a question he or she should defer it to the partner. 12. Go for 1 strategy in the 2NR - It is not okay to go for 3 DAs and Case. It is not okay to go for T and Case Defense. Crystallize. 13. Don't become dependent on one style of arguments - I know my sophmore year I was only competent on two arguments - Heidegger and Investor Con. This was a bad call. I remember seeing a round this year where that William Ashley dude realized the team he was debating was incompetent at going for anything but T and Ptx so he forced them to go for the K.... He won. Learn to go for a diversity of arguments. 14. Disclose. It makes better debates. And for the person who wrote this on my ballot, No it doesn't make me incompetent for consulting my coaches about my neg strat after getting a plan text, it makes me smart. 15. Use embedded clash in the 1AR - It is not okay for a 1A to say They Say Turkey is already a mediator but their wrong - extend whatever. 16. Become Efficient - This is my best quality as a debater. Being fast does not mean anything. A debater who doesn't use stupid phrases like "no unique reason" "at the point that" "in a world that" "they stone cold concede this" "pull the trigger on this" will own you. 17. Do evidence comparison - A lot of people don't seem to understand what this means. Don't be like there evidence is really old as an independent argument because that not only doesn't mean anything to anyone, but it also isn't an argument it is a claim. I feel like after a uniqueness debate or something you should say - prefer it - more recent, only our evidence assumes browns elections - best filter for probability 18. Do Speed Drills - These not only make you faster but make you sound better. 19. Clarity Over Speed - If you are unclear no one wants to watch you debate. Its obnoxious. 20. Finally, go to every case flow in the 1NC - you cannot let an impact go conceded, and you especially cannot allow an entire advantage to go conceded. I hope that some of you find this interesting - Reid
  21. I considered filling one out but then I figured I would probably come off like a jerk. Instead, I made a top 5 debaters list. Its in random order. Addison Schile - This guy has the material to be incredible at debate. While some of his tech is lagging, the quality of the arguments he makes is fantastic. Henry Reid - I thought that this guy was probably the most interesting debater I met all season. He sounded fantastic and while he hasn't gotten some of the coaching that would improve his blocks, the dude is just naturally talented. I think he may be the best individual debater I debated this season in Kansas. He was also incredibly friendly. Michael Kennedy - Michael is definitely the most promising debater in Kansas. If anyone is to make our state look less embarrassed nationally its him. As a sophmore he managed to rock most of you..... He also is the coolest person to talk to outside of round. Darshan "the sri lankan nightmare" Sivakumar - Darshan is definitely the most underrated debater in Kansas. This kid was more persistent than anyone I know and I was thoroughly impressed by his improvement throughout the season. William Ashley - While this kid said things that made me laugh at him like "the DA massively turns the case" as opposed to just turning the case. There is just something about him that compels me to include him in my top 5 pics of 2010-2011.
  22. You know whats kills education even more than not disclosing? Wasting time posting on cross-x so the same 10 people who's opinions while important aren't going to be changed can argue with you Yes I know I used to post. And Yes I know I just posted so I am one of these buffoons. BUT SERIOUSLY! GO CUT SOME CARDS!
  23. is it sad I have gone for both Malthus and Global Warming Good?
  24. I can't tell if this is intended as sarcasm, but it is highly inappropriate. Just because someone does not conform to your conception as a debater does not mean the are not a debater. I have no idea who you are so I am seriously doubting that you are some sort of shining star. Please do not hate on other debaters. It fosters a negative aura in the community and no one needs it. Go cut some cards!
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