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  1. Sorry Ian I don't think I could live up to your expectations. UMKC has a 6 year BA/MD program.
  2. While I had heard that and really wish I could get a job at a school that puts so many resources towards debate I wouldn't be able to take that job. The Blue Valley School District has a rule about hiring grads that involves waiting until the individual is a junior in college (I may be off slightly but that is the jist of the rule).
  3. It looks like I'm going to be attending umkc next year and while I will be very busy with medical school I would like to find an assistant coaching job. Is any school hiring?
  4. For three trails senate I'm pretty sure its Stephie Shull not Sarah Shull
  5. You guys arguing over who is better is like DTrain and I arguing over who is better at playing basketball because ultimately he is a gawky sri lankan and i'm an uncoordinated jew. In the same way none of you are really major players in the debate community so does it really matter who is better?
  6. Michael Kennedy is the man. He has tigers blood running through his veins.
  7. Your forgetting t-subsets bro! Without it the 1a will destroy you

  9. I vehemently disagree with this. You have a fatal misunderstanding of the affs link story. There is no reason a Japanese nuclear meltdown would fuel antiamerican basing sentiment. In fact, poor response sorta like bush's poor response to Katrina probably further weakened the dpj strengthening the linkturn. Your argument reminds me of an old Yiddish quote,"if my grandmother had testicles she would be my grandfather." Simply enough, this is a non-sequiter.
  10. This File is an update on conventional arguments against Japan Affirmatives as well as an inclusion of new inventive arguments that the AFF won't be ready to answer. It includes answers to the two biggest advantages: China and Relations. Not only does it provide 1NC arguments but additionally has throughly developed 2NC blocks that I guarantee will win rounds. See the table of contents and learn more about the file below http://www.cross-x.com/evazon/product.php?id=10917 For Japan relations the file primarily features link turns that say that basing is key to relations and includes a plethora of reasons. The link work here not only is predicated on recent developments in the Japanese political climate, but also assumes recent developments with China's military. Also, I include answers to most viable aff arguments. For China I spent a lot of time working on the "Chinese Relations Collapsed" argument. Additionally, I answer most impact scenarios as well as answer internal links. Japan Neg Japan Neg 1 ***Relations Advantage*** 2 1NC – Okinawa key to Relations 3 2NC – Okinawa key to Relations 4 2NC – A2: Public Backlash 5 2NC – A2: Hayotoma Resignation 7 2NC – A2: Okinawa 8 2NC – A2: Worried We’ll Stage a War 9 2NC – A2: Gallup Poll 10 1NC – Relations High 11 ***China*** 12 1NC – Relations Collapse Inevitable 13 2NC – Relations Collapse Inevitable 14 2NC – Currency Manipulation Extension 17 2NC – JME Extension 18 2NC – North Korea Extension 19 2NC – A2: Obama Measures to Improve 20 1NC – Relations Don’t Solve War 21 2NC – Relations Don’t Solve War 22 1NC – No Relations Spillover 23 1NC – China Mod Non-Unique 24 1NC – No War 25 2NC – No US China 26 2NC – More No War Cards 27 2NC – A2: Straits Times 28 1NC – Japanese Rearm 29 ***Miscellaneous*** 30 Random JME Card 31 A2: Democratic Transition Solves China War 32
  11. No it was a 4-2 bubble round. Thank You for the encouragement. How'd you do at the glenbrooks?
  12. The newly released Word PIC file is an end of the year must have. As the season is winding down one thing becomes clear: competition is heating up and teams are choosing to break new affirmatives to get a competitive edge. The question then becomes how should you counter this? Simply put, Word PICs. While there is undoubtedly a large amount of comedy that surrounds the Word PIC their strategic value is undeniable. Certain words consistently occur in plan texts and having well cut word pics makes answering affs you don't have a case neg to easy. For example, there are a ton of K Affs on this years topic and prepping for every one of them at a small school would be ludicrous, but at the same time almost every one of these affs has the phrase "military presence" in the plan text. Why not win on a word pic that has a better ethical character than the AFF. Ultimately, a lot of rounds can be one on the word pic. Additionally, there is empirical evidence that this file wins. I read a word pic most rounds of every major national circuit tournament I went. In fact, I won round 7 of the glenbrooks on one of the word pics included in this file. I suggest that anyone who is looking for a niche buy this file. Finally, I am more than willing to help anyone who buys this, or any other of my files prepare blocks/do more research. Word PICs Table of Contents 1 1NC Japan PIC 2 2NC Japan Impact 3 2NC Orientalism Solvency 4 Japan Replacement Term 5 1NC Korea PIC 6 2NC Solvency Trick 7 2NC Link 8 A2: Stamps Prove Not Colonialist 9 A2: Other Replacement Word Better 10 Other Replacement Term 11 1NC Afghanistan PIC 12 2NC Link 13 2NC Turns Case Card 14 2NC Root Cause Card 15 1NC Iraq PIC 16 2NC Iraq Link 17 1NC Sea of Japan PIC 18 1NC Forces PIC 19 1NC Depleted Uranium PIC 20 1NC Detention Center PIC 21 1NC Military Presence PIC 22 2NC Link 23 1NC Missile Defense PIC 24 Other Replacement Term 25 1NC Nearly All PIC 26 1NC Withdraw PIC 27 2NC Withdraw Link 28 1NC UAV PIC 29 Racist Language Impact 30 Orientalist Language Impact 31 Euphemisms Impact 32 Gendered Language Impact 33 Generic Perm Answer 34 Generic Word PIC Solvency 35
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