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  1. Who is graduating from the Texas circuit? Who will be going to college here in Texas? Also what teams should people look out for next year. I go to a 3A school and we are making the switch to TFA, what teams are going to be good/ dominate next year in Texas?
  2. On the Wiki youre answers to T are still from the PSE aff, can you put up your new answers for the block grants aff. Thank you
  3. With the last few TOC Bid tournaments coming up (Harvard, Cal, Colleyville etc.) I think that all people attending these tournaments should update their wiki profiles. Many teams have not updated theirs since Greenhill or St. Marks. For the best possible competition of all going to these tournaments, please update your wikis. It is benefical to everyone.
  4. Im looking for a file with political capital cards. Like Social Services cost political capital. Homecut or camp file I dont care. I need it soon. PM me or post here.
  5. Im looking for a file with political capitla cards. Like Social Services cost political capital. Homecut or camp file I dont care. I need it soon. PM me or post here.
  6. Hey i have heard of a Should PIC somehwere out there. I am told it is something like The PIC, anyone know what this CP is? Is it a camp file put out by anyone? Can anyone send me the file? Or cites? Much appreciated! PM me or post here is you know.
  7. I was looking for a generic card froma reputable source about how many americans are in poverty today. I have found so many different numbers, does anyone have one set card from a credible source i could get? Second, does anyone have a card saying provision of social services is an attempt to allieviate suffering? (Like a generic Nietzsche link- i havent found a good one yet) If you have these cards please PM me. Thank you!
  8. How do you write a plan flaw argument- what does it look like?
  9. If anyone has a pre made block to this argument either one they cut or from home i would trade for it or like to have it. I just need to find good counterpinterp with good written standards
  10. westj

    Finals Bid?

    Is there anywhere in Texas with a Finals bid in CX? I realized Texas has every other level covered with 2 tournaments except finals. I know Winston Churchill is a LD finals bid, is it also a CX finals bid? Is there a CX finals bid in Texas? Thanks
  11. how do i answer this T. My aff does not use a pre existing program, i lost on it this weekend and now im not sure how to answer it, any help would be useful. Thanks
  12. hey im looking for a topicality file that says increase doesnt have to be pre existing. post here or PM me
  13. Results? i think out rounds have started
  14. will gaforensics be reporting results live as they did for wake?
  15. Everyone here has been very helpful, im just looking for s imple piece of evidence, that says transportation constitutes a social service. I have plans to change my aff a bit, so I would like it to be a a generic transportation=social service. I have had no luck finding this if you could help much appreciated. Thanks
  16. The aff im cutting is to give disabled vans to disabled people in poverty. I was wondering where i could find a fed key warrant, it seems that each state has its own DOT, which controls transport inside it, could i possibly read a card saying, like some states have and others dont, is tha t alegit answer to states?
  17. So when looking at online definitions of public transit, i realized what my aff does, give handicap vans to disabled people in poverty is not public transportation. public transportation involves charging fares, as well being available to everyone not just select individuals...would my aff still be topical even if it isnt public transportation? Does anyone knwo where i could find evidence saying it is topical, any help is appreciated. Thanks
  18. THANK YOU! where did you find the evidence in the picture, i would like to read the rest of it, as wellas be able to cite it, greatly appreicate it
  19. I wanted to cut an affirmative that gives cards persons in poverty, basically sort of like a public transit aff. I was wondering if anyone had evidence saying transportation is a social service, or knew of an author who writes it is or of a campt hat out out a file. Thank you
  20. Thanks do you know what happened in the round or RFD?
  21. did Desert Vista pick up in the doubles round?
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