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  1. Now that the approved list of bid tournaments is out, does anyone have the dates for the tournaments? Post em here if you do. Greenhill- September 11-13 Grapevine- September 17-18 University of Texas- December 3-4 (They are always on the same weekends and these are the dates this year)
  2. not all the UTNIF filles are in there- the dedev file and the BIG CP are missing. Anyone have em? PM me please. Thanks
  3. Beacon DF and Lex CS both recieved at large bids- whoever wins that round fully quals- does that mean a team on the waitlist gets in/who is that team?
  4. can you give me one of their emails so i can ask, its actually a few cards.
  5. Can one of yall PM me? I was not able to find the article to a cite you guys have on your wiki. thank you
  6. I think I phrased it wrong, I do not mean they prioritize teams with sucess on the national circuit but teams that did well at antional circuit tournaments- you use the HoFlo example- they recieved their bid at Emory, or Beacon- they got their bid at Lexington- but were alos in outrounds at many large national tournaments. I believe that the TOC should maybe look into this. For example- a tournament like, Alta or UT are often forgot of as Bid tournaments because they primarily attract competitors from within that region, Tournaments like Vestavia and Colleyville would probably also fall into this category. I have not done the research but this seems liek soemthing to investigate- did anyone recieve a bid from one of these smaller Bid tournaments and apply for the at large?
  7. Bill- could you enlighten us as to who is the advisory comittee, or what the process is for choosing who recieves the at large bids? While I do believe that many teams who recieved it are very deserving it seems as though bids are often granted towards national circuit policy teams, not ones who suceed on the local level. Thanks
  8. Last year this thread was helpful, schools were able to find possible coaches who would be in the area, and find people who would be able to judge locally.
  9. How many At-Large bids are there this year? I was told there were enough fully quallified teamf or only 4 At-Large bids, but I am also told some teams who are fully quallified, have chsoen not to go or have quit debate. Does this change the number of At-Large bids given out?
  10. I was looking to get my hands on backfiles from DDI from the 1999-2000 and the 2000-2001 Topics. Anyone got them?
  11. Could someone PM me? I have cite requests.
  12. The wiki has been an awesome tool all year and I think next year it will be used even more. I personally have no computer knowledge, could someone please post up a guide on how to use the wiki, specifically making the Table of contents on it. thanks
  13. How many at large bids are expected to be given out this year? There are rumors that several of the teams that have quallified for the TOC have quit debate thus affecting the at large pool. Any idea who is applying for the at large and whois favored to get it? Also when do they find out?
  14. iceicebaby


    Could yall please post on the wiki cites to your: Anarchy CP, Nietzsche 1NC Thanks. If you dont wana post em on the wiki could you just PM me please? Thanks
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