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  1. Thanks, that's really helpful!
  2. There's two terms that have been recurring in these K camp files that I 'm having a difficult time understanding. 1) Moral Sadism 2) Critical Praxis Google searches have been pretty fruitless, so any help with definitions?
  3. On the neg, what would be additional reading on the military topic that would be relevant?
  4. I also have this sweet google chrome extension that shows me the youtube video title before I have to go to there, so nice try at a rickroll
  5. If I were to want to cut this affirmative, where would I start looking for the critical lit? Otherwise than Being seems like a good place to start, but are there any other suggestions? Also, what's the answer to this "the third" argument. What happens when there's two opposing forces that we have an obligation to the other to?
  6. Math Person

    Levinas IR

    There seemed to be quite a few Levinas/Hospitality 1AC's this year. I've just been wondering what were some very common ways to beat them? What were the theses of the big turns that were found to be successful? I'm considering infusing it into the 1AC for next year's topic, but I'm unsure of its flaws, and am looking to understand more about it.
  7. Pity, I think I read an older, longer card. I guess I'll have to dig it out of the tubs to put it in a block then
  8. Does anybody have the Best and Keller permutation evidence?
  9. Does anybody have securitization backfiles that they would be willing to put in a mediafire link? Camp files are fine, I really have nothing to trade.
  10. Here's some from the alternative energy topic http://www.mediafire.com/?ktym1nmzmn2
  11. Lightning Bolt Channel Banefire QED
  12. How do you justify this in the round?
  13. "you just bought yourself a link to the spending DA"
  14. Math Person


    colonialism K?
  15. W/M, social services are pre-existing and we make a net increase of social services
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