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  1. its all about that cicero card
  2. they probably aren't consistent with the way of the tao
  3. Should = past tense of shall Should requires material qualifications
  4. Cross-x is a speech, You can take prep before cross-x. That is what I've always known
  5. This is an invasion of freedom
  6. I'm pretty sure there is good readiness cards, and then spencer
  7. What is vote no? What is least necessary means?
  8. If the aff wins framework, can the neg still win on the k?
  9. When run a heidegger k could i go for a middle ground f/w or ontology first f/w? Next, Does anyone have any good middle ground f/w i can have?
  10. alt turn is like sying that, their alt leads to genocide?
  11. When you impact turn their k, does that mean their alt makes that impact happen? Or is that an alt turn?
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