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  1. Cube-Spec: They dont specify what quadrant of the time cube the plan occurs in http://www.timecube.com
  2. I need a really good, well blocked out securitization / threat con kritik. I'm willing to trade a Hillman kritik file and a Kritik of Proliferation for it.
  3. " I vote aff. The 1NC was brilliant strategy, but the neg block was just a tremendous clusterfuck."
  4. I have a hillman Kritik I'd be willing ot trade
  5. I use "Tic-Tac-Toe the aff's gotta go" in my 2NR overviews
  6. I ran an Alien Invasion DA saying that investment in alternative energy pisses off aliens and leads to an invasion
  7. A judge at Woodward told me after a round I won with the Cap K about a card he had seen someone read at another tournament that stated that capitalism was the root cause of numerous kritikal impacts like biopower (foucault) and technological thinking/ontological damnation (heidegger). All I know is that the author is only stated as "International Perspectives" and that the card is very, very long. Has anyone heard of this card or know where to find it?
  8. My school is going to be debating paperless next year, and I was wondering what the best laptop to buy on a budget is for debating paperless using the system Whitman uses with Microsoft Word Macros.
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