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  1. Dissing your partner is probably not very good, either
  2. There's no minumum record. They literally do their best to get a really diverse camp in terms of prior success, geography, income, ethnicity, gender, etc. Of course, the lower your record, the lower your chance of acceptance.
  3. I hit this at a tournament last weekend. The other team's net benefit was coercion. Unless you have a uniqueness plank in your counterplan, DAs predicated off of increasing social services can't really be net benefits. If you choose to do this however, it makes it really easy for the aff team to just read links the CP doesn't solve (eg. for politics, read ev that other things on the agenda will trade off with pc)
  4. The website is updated but the applications are still for the 2009 camp. may we apply now or do we have to wait for it to be updated?
  5. So does anyone know how much free time we will have?
  6. Why are great debaters great? What makes them better? There evidence is similar, they all understand the arguments. What separates TOC competitors from the average, pretty good varsity debaters?
  7. ok so if people don't know about it/ it's really just a link turn, then I'll just forget about it. thanks all you guys!
  8. thanks but what are parallel turns?
  9. What does it mean to straight/parallel/any other type of turn? I know what a turn is, but is there any difference between the specific types? Thanks
  10. simo14


    Does anybody know any good racism authors? especially about racism in poverty? Thanks
  11. On Dead Zone: Can you show any evidence that the DNA bank is actually going to save ALL the species at risk in the dead zone? If so, can you provide evidence for how long it will take to get to all of those species. Airlines:Explain how Witzche is powertagged. More to come.
  12. 1. When I want to. 2. The Aff solves all the greatest impact that can ever happen because if our impact is not solved, it will take millions of years to solve loss of biodiversity- if ever. Everything else can be solved within a few generations. 3. I am not using algae in the dead zone. 4. The groups of people (private sector, corporations, public ....) who will develop algal biofuels. 5. The technology is already here. We just need to incentivize the developers to actually produce the necessary infrastructure. 6. From the card: "Algae [is] and nuts are among the alternative sources of fuel being considered by an increasingly skittish aviation industry as an alternative to petroleum" To consider is to actively seek out.
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