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  1. I think Chapel Hill is sending at least one team. I had a great time at this camp, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants an advantage for the 2011-2012 debate season.
  2. We'll update that portion of the wiki tomorrow. Sorry, again, for the inconvenience.
  3. Chris? Haha, I appreciate that man. Hopefully we provide at least some competition for these teams.
  4. This is Levesque from Chapel Hill LS. Believe me, we're not trying to hide our case or arguments. Sorry for the inconvenience. Case/Arguments will be up soon.
  5. txdebater11

    MLB Playoffs

    No Sox/Yankees showdown in 2010? :'(
  6. could you explain? to guard against pics or what?
  7. Would it better to state that you're plan doesn't specify where troops will most likely go and debate it out about Guam or specify that troops will come back home or go somewhere else and probably get into an Extra T debate? I'm trying to make sure my text is perfect before my meet Saturday so any other suggestions would be helpful. This is what I have right now... The United States should withdraw all of its military presence within the Okinawa prefecture. I've also heard of specifically relocating to Guam in the plan text. Not sure why you'd do that but I'm open to all suggestions.
  8. thanks! can you explain what you mean a little more by "shift" arguments?
  9. my request? just basic organization help
  10. I've never used expandos before but from what I've seen, this is what the legit teams use so I'm just wondering what's the best way to organize everything (non-paperless obviously) I'd appreciate any feedback on how to divide up argument types and where to place them (and in what section) Right now my organization style is just tubs with hanging files with manilla folders and labeled by argument. Sorry if the thread already exists...I looked for one but didn't find anything, re-direct me if I missed it. Thanks in advance for help
  11. Is there any specific reason for including Kuwait?
  12. what do you mean would a feminism k be a viable option? to run on the negative?
  13. i'm still somewhat confused in regards to the link are you claiming that the AFF plan is popular and this is what allows for increased popularity/political capital/winner's win? and if so? how can you know that to be true?
  14. sorry for the dumb question, but how exactly would a "health care bad" ptx da be set up? like what exactly is the scenario? I guess this is aimed at christhehobo but any advice would be appreciated
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