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  1. So you can learn about it. research it. then decide it's a lame aff, n move on Or you can take the short cut n ask the good people of cross-x.
  2. For a coms judge to end the 2AR: "children are starving; does it effect you?" The unanimous croud response: "NO"
  3. *Disclaimer: This story is not about my team, but a team in my area. Also, i cannot guarantee is validity....but im pretty sure its legit. ppl around here are stupid. Okay, so, at the upcoming local tourny, a team's coach is supposedly offering CXers $100 to run only defensive case args as the neg. Not as a joke either. I've had experiences with this coach before. She's absolutely dead set it seems on making debate as horrible and noneducational as possible. Just had to share, it made me laugh....and die a little inside Also, as a thought (just popped into my head, haven't researched) is this...legal? because it would make me really happy if it wasnt...
  4. http://demotivationalminds.files.wordpress.com/2008/07/poster37272172.jpg


    if it happens wittrock I might have to kill myself. and you. but not in that order.

  5. Gambling rehab for an aff, just a thought. So: Is it topical? Is it advantageous? Does it have solvency? Any other thoughts?
  6. Okay, there's quite a few things i would like to address... First and foremost, you're misplacing our complaint (or at least mine) to being "We keep losing because of coms judges, why cant they all be tab?" This is what i believed last year, and i've tried hard to get out of this mindset. Now here are the specific complaints I have: 1. Judges who simply aren't even judging rounds at all. If you look to our other thread that's turned into something quite similar to this, you'll see our discussion on who we've deemed "Mr. Wander Judge". If you haven't read that, basically he often doesn't pay attention in rounds he judges, and has been reported to have his ballet filled out before the rebuttles begin. Fortunatelly this problem of severely incompitent judges is pretty easily resolvable, and my coach and other coaches are already informed of specific instances, and are displeased. 2. Why we're mocked. I know you keep using the Navada example, and im unfamiliar with what you're judging pool is truely like. Let me put it this way: Most of the people i've seen posting, Kaiser and Az, Max and I, and others, are not totally unadaptable teams. On the other hand, Kaiser and Az may agree that they often do better with a coms judge, because that's what we debate for every single tournament. The point is, our judging pool is 90% of the time ALL ley or coms. From local tournaments to state, if you live in SE Idaho, that's all you ever debate except on trips to boise, or the rare trip we get out of state. What does this cause? When we do get to go to Whitman, Alta, etc., we basically get destroyed. Hopefully im not just speaking from personal experience here, I think Kaiser and Az will back me up. Simply by NEVER debating outside the realm of communication, this lack of experience really hurts us when we do get a chance to have a legitimate and educational debate. So, please do not derail our (or at least my) argument to be un-willingness to adapt. And finally, JW thanks for your post 52, he layed out what we're saying really well as well.
  7. You, lindsay, are a good judge. And so are many others. Does anyone know why these judges aren't getting ballots? For example, Nat Quals last year, Ryan Sergeant, (who hopefully most of us can agree is a legit judge) got striked by hillcrest. These actual ligitimate judges seemed to be disliked by the low quality coms only debaters we have so many of here in SE idaho. Since these ideas are shared by coaches and the tab room, they give the ballots to the extremely coms, and often mentally incompitent, judges who in their view is "legitimate". So, any ideas to fix this?
  8. Ah cmon, you don't remember AIDS conspiracy our varsity ran last year?
  9. 1. Pick a partner who wont say this about you on debate forums...and who can spell smidgen right.
  10. My memory just sucks. i'll remember eventually..i just dont at this moment...
  11. Kuna...Kuna...why can't i remember where that is...or who your debaters are...or ever hitting Kuna...or anything. Enlighten my poor soul anyone?
  12. An issue does arise though, when they have no ability to debate anything besides the coms paradigm. Unfortunately for all of us in SE Idaho, we have little to no experience debating the K, and i think we could all agree that we're not nearly as good as it as the other side of the state, for the simple fact of inexperience. The saving quality comes for those of us who actually try to understand and debate beyond our little hell whole here. Keep it up everyone who tries!
  13. Not in all cases, no. Some of the blame does need to be laid on the good judges who simply do not come, or leave after their school is eliminated, so then out round judges are terrible. My question is, where do other states get these good judges? And how do you get them to stay?
  14. That debate just sucked so bad, even a legit judge might have had to gone out into the hallway and flipped a coin. Regardless, that hillcrest team shouldnt have made it that far anyway. Btw Az, and pass it on to kaiser, thanks for a good debate, our ballet's illegible, but w/e. You two both juniors?
  15. Hemp4Victory

    World Of Warcraft

    Xajin, level 80 Troll DK on Bonechewer Unfortunately (actually...probably fortunately) I'm going to quit WoW because i dont have time to do it and debate...
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