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  1. Hey, What are some arguments for role playing Bad, policy making bad, and all that stuff that helps with K framework?
  2. Hey, I heard that Empires argument can be cut into a DA, how? second, that it has been cut into one, and i am wondering if anyone would like to post a link to where i could find one. And third and finally, what impacts would you run more specifically? Any help would be appreciated, my district is heavy into policy option, and not big into K's, so i want to run it as a DA, one because i like the argument, and two, because teams will be caught a little off guard.
  3. A run Dehum. with a different arg, i just want Sexism on it own <shrugs>
  4. Hey, Is it possible to argue that Sexism outweighs all other impacts? If so How?
  5. King_Of_Ks

    Zizek Alt.

    Could someone please explain the Zizek Revolution alt. for the Cap K
  6. Hey I have some quick questions on K alts. First of all do they have to solve for the harms of the affirmative case? Is it basically a conterplan, whats the difference between it and a conterplan? Finally whats a good alt. for the Cap K, and Incentives K?
  7. If you have a framework file that would be great, I only have one Methodology framework. Put i meant Theory stuff like... K alts don't need a text K is a V My framework kinda covers K is a V and would Methodology be a good framework for Nozick K?
  8. Hey, I'm going to be running the Nozick K tomomorow, but don't really have any strong theory cards... Or any theory Cards really. Does anyone have any that they are just willing to post Or possibly a link to some good ones (K is a V, stuff like that) Plus if anyone has more stuff on Nozick K, then that would also be appreciated I have already looked through open access. Thanks in advance
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