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  1. We ran out of good topics after Alternative Energy
  2. I wonder how it is we actually would avoid aliens coming to Earth Do what Patrick Star says push the Earth somewhere else, Chuck Norris can probably do that
  3. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/23/world/europe/23diplo.html
  4. count me in baudrillard94@gmail.com
  5. anyone have any evidence they're willing to share? Adv. are White supremacy and Racism w/ biopower and neolib extensions
  6. A/T EDUCATION Schopenhauer in 1904 (Arthur [philosopher] THE ESSAYS OF ARTHUR SCHOPENAUER; STUDIES IN PESSIMISM, http://www.gutenberg.org/files/10732/10732-8.txt ACCESSED 8/1/05) The human intellect is said to be so constituted that _general ideas_ arise by abstraction from _particular observations_, and therefore come after them in point of time. If this is what actually occurs, as happens in the case of a man who has to depend solely upon his own experience for what he learns--who has no teacher and no book,--such a man knows quite well which of his particular observations belong to and are represented by each of his general ideas. He has a perfect acquaintance with both sides of his experience, and accordingly, he treats everything that comes in his way from a right standpoint. This might be called the _natural_ method of education. Contrarily, the _artificial_ method is to hear what other people say, to learn and to read, and so to get your head crammed full of general ideas before you have any sort of extended acquaintance with the world as it is, and as you may see it for yourself. You will be told that the particular observations which go to make these general ideas will come to you later on in the course of experience; but until that time arrives, you apply your general ideas wrongly, you judge men and things from a wrong standpoint, you see them in a wrong light, and treat them in a wrong way. So it is that education perverts the mind. A/T EDUCATION AND LINK TO FRAMEWORK Schopenhauer in 1904 (Arthur [philosopher] THE ESSAYS OF ARTHUR SCHOPENAUER; STUDIES IN PESSIMISM, http://www.gutenberg.org/files/10732/10732-8.txt ACCESSED 8/1/05) It follows that an attempt should be made to find out the strictly natural course of knowledge, so that education may proceed methodically by keeping to it; and that children may become acquainted with the ways of the world, without getting wrong ideas into their heads, which very often cannot be got out again. If this plan were adopted, special care would have to be taken to prevent children from using words without clearly understanding their meaning and application. The fatal tendency to be satisfied with words instead of trying to understand things--to learn phrases by heart, so that they may prove a refuge in time of need, exists, as a rule, even in children; and the tendency lasts on into manhood, making the knowledge of many learned persons to consist in mere verbiage. ANY SEARCH FOR KNOWLEDGE ONLY INVITES CHARLATANS WHO DESTROY IT Schopenhauer in 1904 (Arthur [philosopher] THE ESSAYS OF ARTHUR SCHOPENAUER; STUDIES IN PESSIMISM, http://www.gutenberg.org/files/10732/10732-8.txt ACCESSED 8/1/05) The Cathedral in Mayence is so shut in by the houses that are built round about it, that there is no one spot from which you can see it as a whole. This is symbolic of everything great or beautiful in the world. It ought to exist for its own sake alone, but before very long it is misused to serve alien ends. People come from all directions wanting to find in it support and maintenance for themselves; they stand in the way and spoil its effect. To be sure, there is nothing surprising in this, for in a world of need and imperfection everything is seized upon which can be used to satisfy want. Nothing is exempt from this service, no, not even those very things which arise only when need and want are for a moment lost sight of--the beautiful and the true, sought for their own sakes. This is especially illustrated and corroborated in the case of institutions--whether great or small, wealthy or poor, founded, no matter in what century or in what land, to maintain and advance human knowledge, and generally to afford help to those intellectual efforts which ennoble the race. Wherever these institutions may be, it is not long before people sneak up to them under the pretence of wishing to further those special ends, while they are really led on by the desire to secure the emoluments which have been left for their furtherance, and thus to satisfy certain coarse and brutal instincts of their own. Thus it is that we come to have so many charlatans in every branch of knowledge. The charlatan takes very different shapes according to circumstances; but at bottom he is a man who cares nothing about knowledge for its own sake, and only strives to gain the semblance of it that he may use it for his own personal ends, which are always selfish and material.
  7. Its a terrible DA why would you run it? Also the budget passed already I believe
  8. Turn- Copenhagen is going to accelerate emissions Hanson 12/10 (Dr. James Hanson, Climate and Atmosphere Expert, Author of “Storms of our Storms of my Grandchildren”) In the 1980’s we did get a lot of attention for the problem. The world did actually take notice to the framework convention in which all the governments: 170 governments agreed that we should stabilize the atmospheric composition at a level that avoids dangerous human made interference. Unfortunately, the actions the governments are taking are not consistent with that. The Kyoto protocol for example, was supposed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but in fact emissions accelerated after the Kyoto protocol. The Danger is that Copenhagen where the discussions are now going on, the same thing is going to happen because they’re talking about the same kind of policies. The funny thing is it’s kind of a deal between developed countries and developing countries. It’s analogous to the indulgences of the middle ages, if you remember the Catholic Church would sell forgiveness for sins that was great. The bishops got a lot of money and the sinners got to go to heaven. No matter what they did. That’s basically what’s happening in Copenhagen, developed countries want to continue more or less business as usual. They will say they are going to decrease their emissions a modest amount but then they are these so called offsets that you purchase from developing countries. This is where Cap and Trade turns into Fee and Dividend. It will continue to introduce more CO2 into the atmosphere.
  9. Lane Tech does this 1. Play I just wanna be by Common 2. debate becomes a constant repitition and stops conciousness Freire 70 "pedagogy of the oppressed pg 1997 3. that causes domination 4. that leads to nazism 5. genocide=extinction 6. Reject every loss of liberty Petro 74 7. Plan: The USFG should allow Common to alter reality 8. Solvency- some other common song (dont know the name)
  10. 1) I suppose but if you know the literature well enough i think it could be overcome 2) I read all non linky parts the args i make aren't death good its more of a life meaningless we need to exercise love and forbearance toward these people in poverty by realizing their faults are our own therefore inherency give me the solvency advocate to the plan in this sense
  11. When going against Nietzsche I counter K with Schopenhauer and it usually works relatively well but now teams are getting me on the 20 articles nietzsche wrote on how schop is wrong and stupid so... 1) I'm pretty sure schop wrote stuff on how nietzsche is wrong/stupid so i was wondering if anyone has that sort of stuff 2) any more really good nietzsche answers that could stem from schop's theory or just kill nietzsche in the first place 3) what i mean by stem is life is meaningless anyway, accepting problems as our own fault leads to love forbearance etc, and a world without misery being a unique experience=war and mass suicide 4) for the love of god dont put up nietzsche= nazi,genocide,rape,etc those cards are stupid
  12. The problem is a lot of judges i hit with this are either really crappy or don't believe the patriarchy advantage which has the patriarchy is the root cause of all violence war etc. so it's hard to win because in the 2ar it's easiest to go for patriarchy subsumes all the DAs but a lot of judges have been putting me down for that which is really odd.
  13. interesting arg you could do it this way or run it condo and just drop the K and go for their impact turn
  14. the provision of lunches show we aren't all in it for the money(SUPER GENERIC) we will help other people but then the econ advantage pretty much takes that out
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