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  1. What portion of that legislation defunds mammograms and contraception access?
  2. Go X-0. That should do the trick.
  3. Way to hate on the novice and label him a Rorty user because he confused an argument after a disclaimer about taking his analysis with a grain of salt...
  4. http://www.khq.com/Global/story.asp?S=13812160 Westboro church leader claims shooting was an act of God and "prays for your[members of the community] destruction--more shooters, more dead carcasses piling up, young, old, leader and commoner--all."
  5. Who is going? Anyone have a teams list in their possession?
  6. If you have Excel, use Debate Synergy: http://georgetowndebateseminar.wikispaces.com/synergy
  7. Decision: Neg RFD: I vote on START outweighing aff and the risk of turning case Too many concessions come from the aff, and there isn't enough work to cover up for the concessions that give the neg room to win. The condo argument is weak out of its beginnings seeing as the neg has one conditional advocacy, and the uphill battle isn't helped when your arguments on his condo C/I isn't fully responsive to it. I think the aff's problems start out of the 2AC when you concede an econ advantage that you involve in your heg impact, but read a random Iran add-on and 13 answers on ASPEC. The round would have been much more manageable if your 2AC has better allocation of offense/defense and better allocation of arguments per flow. If you guys want more specifics(ie "What did you think of this card?", "Why didn't you like (insert whatever)?") I have my flow and would be happy to answer questions, just PM me.
  8. http://www.mediafire.com/?tbwu99s2t0url Let me know what you want the word count to be CX when you're ready
  9. HTS. Notre Dame defines HTS as police presence to win T debates on presence
  10. That's fine, I mean specificity is an issue for you and your partner to evaluate and choose uniquely for you guys, but personally I like to advocate either a movement driven through individual resistance and voices, and/or have one or two cards that warrant your use of debate as a forum for your given discussion(it applies to framework arguments as well as solvency given your advocacy statement or whatever you're rolling with)
  11. Music is normally used to convey a message specific to your brand of the argument you are running, so if you wish to use music you should look into musical artists who are critical of Capitalist society. An overused musical group in debate(Dead Prez) discusses capitalism and prefers a mode of Communism, specifically they advocate Black Communism encouraged by Malcolm X-esque ideas, however if it isn't specific to your aff you'll look like a Beacon fanboy(/girl). In terms of the authors, you just use your general authors that criticize capitalism, however you should find evidence that aims towards a "public sphere/debate sphere K2 challenging capitalist structures(or just power structures). Spanos evidence is often used to argue that the debate sphere is crucial to challenging the US hegemonic ontology(the so called "American Way"), but the more specific to capitalism the better for your affirmative. Another common piece of evidence(on framework) would be the Butler 04 card, which essentially argues that excluding any voices is bad, and within the contexts of debate if we abandon critical voices it is a very bad thing. For framework, you'll normally be arguing against a policy maker framework, or something that argues that performative debate is less desirable than the more normalized circuit debate. Framework will change somewhat depending if this cap argument will be an affirmative case or a K, so just write it where you know it, and defend performative debate as a non-exclusionary event, or say it is best for agonism(you could also go with basic voters like fairness, ie "Aff getting to set f/w kills fairness", too, it's up you).
  12. That's why they started a cultural genocide right?
  13. Someone doesn't know how to debate without blocks
  14. Can I borrow your DeLorean and also return to the fifties?
  15. Lenin's Ghost is da best. I wanted to pos rep you, but cross-x hates me so you'd get grey
  16. If criticizing the government's mindset towards war, pushing a policy option through the governmental body that endorses the "bad" mindset normally isn't the best stance to take. Just sayin'
  17. Mr. T is a g. I'm saying you don't argue that we should give the middle finger to the government then offer a policy option they can implement. Choose a side of the government good/bad debate and stick to it
  18. Let's get back to the point at hand: Raiders taking those Superbowl rings
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