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  1. The link didn't yield anything? Could someone please tell me whats up with this?
  2. Ive noticed that a lot of users have custom avatars and I was wondering how they do it? Is it like you have to get a certain number of posts before you can get rid of that "registered user" thing and also put in your own pic? I was just wondering what the deal was with putting in your own avatar since I didn't have any option (that I could see) that let me do it.
  3. I do debate in a "lay-centric" league, so I guess I'll have to look for some funding or simply include a "normal means" clause. That could suffice as well. In that case, are there any potential issues with a normal means clause, besides a budget deficit or ptx DA?
  4. Check out this thread http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?t=990687
  5. I was wondering whether or not it was truly necessary to specify the amount and source of funding in an aff. I know this can depend on the circuit/league but I was just looking for some general feedback and opinions on the topic. Does specifying a source of funding (i.e. cigarette tax increase) and not simply stating "by normal means" help in dodging links to spending DAs (sadly cig tax is regressive) or am I not even close? Also, does anyone have any funding ideas, particulary for an education or broadband aff? Thanks in advance for the enlightenment
  6. Does anyone know whether or not there will be a tournament at Bethel park next Feb? If so could you post some info from the school or an invite link or just any info regarding the tourney.
  7. Sorry if I somehow inadvertently attacked anyone or made anyone feel ... idk... annoyed. The thread was interesting and amusing. Thats all. No need to send fail reputation messages.
  8. That was an interesting back and forth, fellas. The contest had its high points as well as its low points, but overall it was very interesting to read. PS I was laughing at both sides of the argument the whole time because it was so funny the way it got personal fast. real fast
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