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  1. It would help if you told us what terminology you don't understand.
  2. The best place to find out is to ask your old coach. He will know for sure or be able to find out.
  3. It doesn't sound abusive but it does seem extra topical.
  4. What is a good author that makes the argument?
  5. The answer to that problem is to have the students buy their membership. Its what we do and it is never a problem. The people that stay in the program always join.
  6. At NCFL should I worry about the developing nations K? Everything I've heard says that it will be a very traditional tournament and a K doesn't seem to fit has "traditional" in LD.
  7. Thanks I figured it was a bad idea but thought might as well try.
  8. Limming


    mspachekATgmailDOTcom thanks for the file.
  9. I've herd the military would get payed for a year if it took that long to reach a agreement.
  10. I'm being my research for CFL the resolution is The United States has a moral obligation to promote just governance in developing nations. On aff I'm thinking of arguing that if we don't stop injustice in all instances then the world will be become full of injustice and all humanity will suffer. The only problem is that I'm not sure where to start for a case. If someone can help me with V/C or authors that make this argument that would be great. Also I'm aware that this might suck so if anyone has any better ideas that would also be appreciated.
  11. The Wichita CFL qualifiers for Northwest are: LD 2nd - Michael Spachek 4th - Daithin Wycoff PFD 1st - Shannon Strasser/Lindy Meadows 5th - Zeb Harris/Taryn Thomas SC 2nd - Raymond Zheng
  12. Limming

    NDT results

    Is there a list of teams that cleared?
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