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  1. Does anyone have one they'd like to trade?
  2. Thanks for those- they do help, but the thing is, I'm finding stuff against a socialism aff, so i need policy vs. policy stuff, rather than the policy vs. critique stuff (though the gibson graham ev. is a good start)
  3. Does anyone have a card that says to use capitalism to fight capitalism?
  4. Thanks for that..but that's not the article I'm looking for. This paper was published in 2003, and even if the team got the year wrong, the terms at the beginning/end of the card don't show up in that.
  5. A question about this + the Alinsky card: How can you do the right thing for the wrong reason? You can't justify an end when the action hasn't been completed yet. For example, Lincoln didnt think "Oh, i'll abolish slavery by making the South secede" In this same way, how can the aff do this? Is it because of fiat that we can assume the "end" has already happened? (i.e. any impact scenario)
  6. I found this on the debate coach's wiki, however I've been unable to find the name of this paper (the isud link doesnt work)..Does anyone know what paper/publication this cite refers to? If mediation of our ethics is the source of our ethical bankruptcy, suspending that mediation constitutes the only genuine ethical act. Santilli ‘3 [Paul. Siena College. 18 May 03. http://www.isud.org/papers/pdfs/Santilli.pdf //JVOSS] If we retain this original sense of “radical evil” ... the abyss of suffering.
  7. What are the negative side effects of doing this? I'm talking about where the alt text is exactly the counterplan text. Are there any weaknesses that either argument has when used in this combo?
  8. What's the best way to do so? I am confused about what types of args and when they can be grouped...
  9. Shocking


    I've read some kritiks put out by camps, but the thesis of the argument still escapes me. A team ran this K at my last tournament, saying that since we provided SS to only ppl in poverty, this was bad somehow? Their alt text was the Ban Social Services CP, and they claimed to solve for their Kritik because they provided the 10k cash grant to everybody in the US. So, what exactly is objectivism? Did this team run it correctly?
  10. Shocking

    VHSL 2010

    I found the dates, thought I'd post them here for everyone's benefit Districts- Feb. 27th, as Mr. H said Regionals- March 20th States- April 23rd The above dates are for AAA
  11. Shocking

    VHSL 2010

    Thanks Mr. H. Even though the location is unknown at this point, the Feb. 17th date is confirmed? (i'm AAA, and my school doesnt have a coach so I don't know where to go?!)
  12. Is it important to do these? How can these help me improve myself as a debater? Should I just repeat the rebuttal as though I was in a round or should I format it a different way? In general, any advice about rebuttal redos would help.
  13. Shocking

    VHSL 2010

    I've looked on their site, but the only confirmed date seems to be the date of the State championships..does anyone have the dates for the district + regional tournaments? (Northern virginia, i'm from the WACFL area)
  14. Cost per team/school and judging fees/requirements?
  15. Can you post the letter please?
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