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  1. You're in Germany and are drinking schnapps and Smirnoff. Wow. Sad.
  2. http://articles.latimes.com/2010/jul/02/business/la-fi-jobs-report-20100703 well, it fell from 9.7 to 9.5 but all in all it's not looking good. Over 300,000 people actually have 'stopped' looking for jobs. Wow.
  3. No - it came out because at one point apple was just leaps and bounds better when you compared osX 10.3-10.4 to XP. Then vista happened and apple ate that up and then 7 happened and now apples response is 'but we were prettier first and vista still sucks'.
  4. Rhizome

    South Africa 2010

    The 2008 patriots lead for 98% of their games which is why they finished undefea.....oh, wait. Soccer isn't like football or basketball chris. With that being said, who gives a fuck if we lead for only 3 minutes or for the entire 400 minutes, advancing is advancing is advancing. Just ask the 2008 giants
  5. I thought you were referring to that nelly/tim mcgraw song which....
  6. Rhizome

    South Africa 2010

    GOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Donavan = the most american person next to be George Washington and Bill Clinton after that goal. YESSSSSSSSSSS.
  7. Rhizome

    Memphis Beat

  8. Rhizome

    Toy Story 3

    fuck you troll.
  9. Rhizome

    Toy Story 3

    I cried. . Damn i hate getting old
  10. Rhizome

    The A-Team

    I realllllyyyy liked this movie...
  11. Exactly where in your Patton card is the warrant to a rhizomatic ethic continuing land denial/whatever? All the card seems to say is that the way that the process of deterritorialization is carried out affects the result. What exactly is the Patton card indicting? Complete deterritorialization? A constant de/reterritorialization? Patton makes the argument that Deleuze differentiates between different types of colonization (internal and external) and why your argument is responsive to external forms of colonization, it does nothing for internal forms of colonization. He concludes that the end result of deterritorialization is based upon the reason we do it. As such our question of colonization DOES have importance. Soooooo how exactly do we "literally go from Stalin to Pol Pot"? Your Barbrook evidence seems pretty indicative of a certain situation and political context... He talks about how deterritorialisation when applied historically has resulted in forms of oppression. He uses Pol Pot as an example of how its been applied. Since you don't provide an actual contextual political example of rhizomatic action then I would make the argument the judge should default to ours. How does saying that the judge can affirm both our advocacy AND the alternative at the same time make Native land concerns not a first priority? "Land rights are real important but only if we combine it with other stuff". How is this card NOT saying that a Deleuzian-style politics is the best way to go? I mean, this card is almost paraphrasing that D&G card I read in the 2AC... Because we use it in a specific form of decolonization of the mind in terms of questioning 'what should be undone' versus yours which is 'what can we do'. If anything it provides how we solve case, not how case solves the alt.
  12. A few things: (a) This discussion belongs in a different forum because, at its core, is just a piss match between two different sides of AIM. As such the discussion has been merged and moved to another forum. ( I think that scott needs to realize that as much as he might dislike Ward he ignores a larger issue at hand. The more we fight amongst ourselves the more we allow those in power to win. © I think you need a reality check on what constitutes as 'racist'. It was merely a joke. It did NOT prescribe a notion of the Indian identity for a few reasons: 1. it was a joke about the correlation of Indians and how, in general, they don't use iPhones. Actually they are more of Android and Blackberry people (seriously - Many prescribe to the notion of open source as a metaphor for the movement). 2. At no point am I saying american identity can't be contemporary. At best it shows your racist and at worse shows your lack of understanding of Churchills work. HE HIMSELF has said its not a methodology that means we should 'go back to the past' but rather need to chronological investigation on the parts of the past that have shaped the negative impacts of the future and get rid of those parts of the past. Churchill thinks technology is cool (he uses a friggen blackberry for crying outloud). 3. You talk about 'intent of use' versus 'intent of understanding' and yet you are here hoping to divide the movement rather than unite it. Scott, I don't care if everyone thinks Churchill is right. I don't care if you think he nor Means are assholes (Which they aren't. In fact, Russell Means is one of the NICEST people i have ever met in my ENTIRE LIFE). What I do care about is that we remain open to how debate can be activism. I don't think you've made an argument for why debate and activism are mutually exclusive. I am sorry you've had bad experiences in debate. I'm sorry that you think that all of debate is racist and you hope that by making warrantless claims you can somehow fix the wrongs that have been done to you. I really am. However, those debaters spoke for themselves, not the community at large. When you're ready to actually promote a unity of Indian activism rather than a division of it you know what to do. Until then i don't think 'you get it'.
  13. Nothing spells Indian activism like an iPhone. Do Indians prefer the 3g or 3gs?
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