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  1. Quotient

    Politics DA

    Well, I'm doing something in class where my teacher assigned me to write a Politics DA by May 11. And it's next to impossible to find a "Obama has low political capital" card... Obviously, I'm not looking for that... But yeah, just the dilemma I'm in...
  2. Quotient

    Politics DA

    Is there going to be any possible way to find a card that says "an increase in social services will decrease Obama's political capital"?
  3. Does anybody know of a "Walking" Affirmative? The govt offers incentives (not sure what kind) to people who stop driving cars and just walk. It could have possibly been an Aff that was just made up by a certain team and not put out by a camp or handbook. I'm not even exactly sure what they claim as their advantages, but I think two of them are Global Warming and some sort of health advantage that says we get healthier by walking. Is it possible that anyone knows of a frontline I could use?? I have a few DA and T ideas...
  4. Anyone heard of it? I'm not even sure exactly what it says. But for the sake of having someone TRY to help me, it says something about how we create a fantasy mindset. "The aff will fall short of it's vision. Our ecology and energy crisis is part of being. Catastrophe is unavoidable, so we must change our being temporal. Reject the aff & unavoidable transversive fantasy." Or something like that... Any help plz?!
  5. Quotient

    Incentives K

    That was the exact critique, yes. But I didn't know if anybody had better answers/cards to that. The included cards are kinda lame...
  6. Quotient

    Incentives K

    Has anyone ran into an "Incentives K"? It pretty much says that incentives are dehumanizing. People advocate the affirmative simply for the incentive (my specific AFF is Algae PTC). It then claims that this doesn't promote any real action or care for the real plan, just the benefit of the incentive. We tried running some Coercion stuff on it, but I was just curious if anyone had anything better on it.
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