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  1. Something that has been bothering me for a while that has been echoed through a lot of these posts is this: Appeal to tradition is a logical fallacy. Logical fallacies are not really arguments. Not only that, but appeal to tradition (among all logical fallacies) are bad. So bad it spurs discussion that is negative like insinuating "if you don't like it, leave." I have seen this kind of dialogue on facebook and even one of the posts above. What I was hoping would happen in this thread was more testimony from debaters from the WT area. I see a lot of discussion on facebook and a lot of backlash from coaches. We (Hunter, Jacob, I, others) realize that a lot of these things seem like attacks but we cannot stress enough that this isn't. Thus why this forum exists: solutions. I applaud some coaches inviting discussion on their facebooks but I still urge debaters that are former (and especially CURRENT) debaters in the area to please speak up, we want your voice heard. -KT
  2. thanks for posting- showing this isn't just an issue from people on the outside (now) looking in. However, you should probably read a disad with that counterplan yo
  3. First, I think I should say that I too encourage any coach from the West TX community to participate in this discussion. It is an important one, not only to me, but also many other debaters struggling to acquire different and/or progressive types of pedagogy in this area. I am Kevin Thompson. Many of the West TX community knows my father, Max Thompson, as coach/principal/superintendent of Rising Star ISD. Many of you are also aware that RS ISD competes in a lot of West TX tournaments. I too competed in these tournaments when I was in high school and I am glad this discussion is finally taking place after all the years I tried for it to commence. Hunter is not wrong about the state of West TX debate. So far, I see little wrong with anyone's posts on this forum. It is an unfortunate reality that the majority of debate coaches and people of power in the area do not allow things like evidence sharing to occur (among a slew of other things). As many of you know, I really liked debating the K while in high school. This, as you can imagine, came with struggle. Not from apprehension (because my partner and I could explain things in ways my 7th grade debaters and my teachers could understand) but from irritation. I read kritiks not only from a strategic standpoint but also because I enjoyed reading these kinds of literature (DnG, Nietzsche, Baudrillard, Camus, ect.). When reading these in debate rounds, I received a lot of hate. I remember some ballots reading "even though I understand this argument and you are winning it, doesn't mean I will abandon my beliefs and vote for it." I think the worst comment was something along the lines of "WE don't allow THOSE arguments HERE." This was disheartening to me. I felt that an activity that was about fun, competition, and education was disallowing the ladder in a lot of aspects. However, I understand that this form of subjectivity is inevitable but it does stem from the top. Numerous times in high school I had to "adapt" to sleeping janitors, bikers, and at one time a mother with a screaming toddler. Though the picture Jacob/Hunter attached doesn't reflect all of West Texas, it happens wayyyy to often here. I currently debate at Texas Tech and after about 7 years of living/debating here, not much has changed. JD is correct this stems from fear. This fear comes at a consequence though. As I hear about coaches in the area calling MY debate coach to talk negatively about Hunter, I become infuriated and encouraged. THIS POST/FORUM IS NOT AN ONSLAUGHT AGAINST WEST TEXAS DEBATE. IF YOU THINK THAT IT IS AND YOU FEEL THE NEED TO PICK ON A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A BULLY AND THE REASON THIS FORUM EXISTS. My post is just stemming from personal experiences. There are many different other examples of problematic practices I have experienced as a high school debater in the area but that isn't the purpose for this thread. This thread is about solutions. Here are some that I think are important and are a good start 1) evidence sharing is good- it promotes better debate and better understandings of evidence. Way too often have I been in rounds or judged debates that people just "read" things and had no idea what they said 2) experienced judges need to increase in quantity- though it is incredibly easy to get a lot of lay judges (and I also recognize the inevitability of lay judges), that does not mean that it is good. Students go to tournaments prepared to debate and too often I had too debate in front of (and my debaters now have to debate in front of) people that vote on who has the best tie, who had the cutest accent, and (including my experience of) voting down a team because they didn't wear a skirt instead of a pantsuit, had large earrings, ect. Tournament directors/coaches need to hire people or get people to dedicate BEFORE the tournament. This world isn't utopian either- there are A LOT of experienced debaters that are now college kids that could love the extra cash. You know who they are but we rarely get contacted. Even if judges aren't paid, I know a lot of people willing to sacrifice their weekend that are qualified to debate so that people are screwed over in their debates. 3) engaging with the wiki 4) being open to change that is inevitable with the way debate is changing, growing, and progressing 5) (and to me one of the most important ones) coaches need to not only promote what they deem as "safe" and "understood" to them but encourage different types of learning. I was lucky enough to have my father as my coach. One of the most important things he taught me as his son and as his pupil was that "people don't like it when you're different but those people also said the world was flat." I am not expressing coaches and tournament directors in the area are dumb- quite the contrary. This area has the ability to become so awesome, and to me, a lot of it already is. Hunter was just in a bid round. Chris Leonardi, a graduate of Dumas, just won CEDA 2 years ago and has reached deep outrounds of the NDT as well. I, too, consider myself a successful collegiate debater. The people in this community have impacted me enough to do this for a living and obviously have had some positivity put into my life. However, this isn't about me. It is about coaches, teachers, and especially the debaters. If a kid wants to read Foucault, let that kid read Foucault. If they say "hey, I can make a debate argument out of this," let them do it. I know I lost a lot of ballots simply because I was a K debater (whatever that means) but it gave me joy. Restricting what kids can and can't say (so long as it isn't racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, ect.) is the antithesis of being a teacher. Too often I hear kids say "our coach won't let us read that". What is this doing besides sustaining anti-education? I love this community way to much to see this happen for much longer. These are not "attacks" against this community I hold dear. This forum is about resolving prevalent problems. Emailing UIL/TFA directors to bar kids from competition for expressing their feelings on a debate forum does nothing but put you on the wrong side of history. This isn't to say there are wrong or right kinds of debate. But there ARE wrong and right ways to run tournaments and encourage out-of-the-box thinkers. Be on the right side of that history. -Kevin
  4. Parli can become incredibly competitive in college. Pretty fast, no carded evidence, no backside rebuttals make for really intense and fast debates at times. Not saying not having cards & backside rebuttals is good (as a former policy debater, I miss these a lot) but it can make for a really interesting and good debate. Also, WTJAZZ is right. Debate is debate and debate is good.
  5. Hello everyone! I am Kevin Thompson, a former high school policy debater and current parli debater at Texas Tech. In high school, I was what most would consider a "kritikal" debater where I was a UIL state champion, NFL and NCFL national qualifier, double-octafinalist at the NCFL national tournament, and top speaker at many local, TFA, and UIL tournaments. I am looking to coach policy debate to eager high school students, especially this summer. If you, your coach, your squad, or your school would be interested in these services, just message me on my facebook at facebook.com/KevinThompsonDebateCoaching. PS, I am pretty cheap.
  6. Kevin Thompson Rising Star HS '11 Texas Tech '15 txag15@gmail.com Qualified in CX, LD, and extemp. I do parli in college, specifically NPTE and NPDA but did policy in high school. I ran the K a lot in high school and still do in college. I am cool with anything though. I live in Lubbock but Rising Star is a central location not too far from Austin, Abilene, and Dallas.
  7. txag15

    Ranger College

    I am really happy to hear this. I lived half an hour from ranger and can say it is one of the cheapest/easiest schools in the state. Policy and parli debaters should really consider this school as an option.
  8. I really like some of the posts above. Though my partner and I (229) got knocked out in double octos, I realized the amount of diversity that participated and judged in the tournament, nonetheless the competitors in elims. I really enjoyed the tournament. Though there is a label that TOC teams are the best, SF Lincoln is a fantastic team, if not much better than some of the teams that participated in the TOC. Both the TOC and NCFL are great in their different ways.
  9. Our novices will be running the arguments they get in the briefs given at the tournament. I have been informed that the tournament will give out aff and neg evidence/args/cases.
  10. I will be judging and our novices will be there.
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    Is this getting fixed?
  12. I liek duhbait

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    iz funny cuz that iz wut yew did
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    Debate Leagues

    Catholic forensics league. You nor you school needs to be associated with Catholicism to compete. It's just another league of competition. This years national tournament is in DC.
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