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  1. I actually agree. My bad. Although I wasn't in elementary school six years ago
  2. Wow good job CHSAA. And I mean that in the most sarcastic sense. This is such a ridiculous, backwards state. I really wish I could say that this state will evolve to save CX, but at this point we all know it's a lost cause.
  3. 1. Best Varsity Team- Zax/Want from East 2. Best Novice team- Kent had a good novice squad this season 3. Most Underrated debater: Li from Creek 4. Best Squad- Creek 5. Best Affirmative Team- Zax and Want from East 6. Best 1A- Rackley from Creek 7. Best 2A- Jacob Zax gave some of the best 2ac/rs I've seen in this state. 8. Best Negative Team- Creek GO 9. Best 1N- Greos from Creek 10. Best 2N- O'Brien from Creek 11. Prettiest Speaker- Zax in terms of speaking style, Want in terms of looks 12. Fastest Debater- Takeda from Creek 13. Most likely to do well next year- Toby Jacob from Littleton. 14. Person most likely to graduate and judge- O'Brien. run a K in front of him. 15. Best Judge- Varney/Nelson. Beautiful. 16. Coach of the year- I can't say anything about other ppl's coaches, but mine failed me. 17. Best K debater- O'Brien/Takeda 18. Best Counterplan debater- Miller from Kent 19. Best T debater – Kamel from Kent 20. Best partnership: Creek LT 21. Most Untopical case: no such thing. 22. Best negative position: the K. 23. Funniest off case position you saw: Golden ran a free markets DA. They said the impact was "bad things." That takes guts. mad respect for those kids. 24. Favorite tourney: Berkeley/Golden 25. Least favorite tourney: Cherry Tree Chop 26. Scariest Debater: Takeda's face during her 2nrs. 27. Funniest Debater/Coach/Judge: see 15. Looking back, it looks like I have a thing for O'Brien. Hot.
  4. Asian chick (creek) and Toby (Littleton) went to some winter formal together. I've decided that East/GW thing doesn't have substantial enough ev for me to pursue this. My apologies to Taylor.
  5. Just wondering: How do you know? I mean about Creek and Littleton and the other chicks on your squad.
  6. glad to see that we got some buzz going on this thread. here's an update: I'm not Toby. and by asian chick i meant the intense one with the outfits. I actually don't remember what the other one looks like. and addressing rumors about the East/GW Creek/Littleton controversy: I hear it's an East chick and GW guy, Creek chick and Littleton guy. Dunno the details cause I heard it from ppl who heard it from other ppl, but if you guys don't know anything, maybe it's not true?? and i'm adding that blond chick from St Mary's.
  7. Hey everyone, don't take offense to this "gossip column," i'm just trying to add some fun here. (Rule: no dissing ppl. real simple.) Hottest CO/Wyoming debaters?? (let's keep it recent. this isn't a historical analog.) here are my picks in no particular order: -Taylor Want -Top chick from GW -Mary from Kent -Asian chick from Creek -the OG team from Creek (red head and skinny kid) -Jordan/Jessie from Kent (last season) Newflash!! Word on the street is that there's a lot of inter-circuit dating (what I like to call incest). What I've heard so far: chick from East is dating GW debater?? Somthing about a Creek and Littleton union? Tell me more!
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