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  1. I feel like object fiat is checked by a solvency advocate, not just for a theoretical in-round basis, but strategically as well. Most international CPs are best used when there's a good solvency evidence [especially comparative evidence]. If there's a good lit base for whatever country you're fiating, I don't see why they're abusive. Especially if you make your own aff, you've put in the time for research and can see any of the other countries that could potentially engage whoever as well/better than the US, and can act accordingly. As far as international CPs in general, I think they have a good niche and are pretty advantageous at points. Theoretically sound on both sides; one probably should invest a bit of practice time on aff blocking out international fiat for obscure countries specifically, because that's where you're going to win on theory, rather than generic i-fiat bad.
  2. Why don't we just build inter-planetary transportation infrastructure to Pandora?
  3. Bikes aff: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?8ae76m5jraj5dxf 2AC Bikes aff stuff: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ghn3h706d1553yz Bikes neg: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?bkcifgh50m79hg6
  4. >embraces the suffering >doesn't have neech in the 1nc Misleading
  5. Shit. I want to disapprove because of the extreme bashing of UIL...but it's just so goddamn true. I'd advise you to draw comparisons between UIL and TFA. Never never NEVER bash UIL in front of administrators. UIL is the sole reason some debate teams even exist [mine included]. For example: -TFA tournaments can only give more experience- especially TFA state- this way you have a "practice" state before UIL state [may not be true, but it's all about ass kissing]. -No distinction between UIL and TFA- debate is debate, etc. -Growth is good- bigger teams means we should go to as many state tournaments if we can- why not expand the school's reputation? I think a lot of the "but debate is goooooooood guyssssssssss" is short-circuited by the irrational rationale of administators that claim that UIL accesses that same kind of education. They don't understand the distinction. You're SOL if the issue is budgetary though. That shuts down most arguments for TFA, sadly. Fundraisers are your biffles.
  6. That does make sense. I still think that the defensive portion of the turn is pretty good, especially since the internal link to politics disads are pretty tenuous as it is. Yeah, I don't think the offense is pretty good either; you can tell because by the 1AR, I go a bit more defensive. I guess if you really wanted to couch it as offense, you could say the aff provides uniqueness, as it trades off polcap and prevents Obama from pushing for X bill; however, I agree with the analysis made in the previous post that saying that guarantees that your plan is politically divisive regardless of any link turns/defense you read.
  7. Cut these for myself, and I feel kinda charitable. They give really good warrants on the internal link level, in my opinion. A fresh breath of air from "NO SPILLOVER - DICKINSON 9." Big ups to finding this article! 2AC Politics – Zero-Sum And, internal link turn- presidential involvement empirically causes partisan splits- only influences his own party Klein 12 (Ezra, The New Yorker, “The Unpersuadedâ€, http://www.newyorker...currentPage=all, week of 3/19/12, accessed 3/14/12) The experience helped to crystallize something that Lee had been thinking about. “Most of the work on the relationship between the President and Congress was about the President as the agenda setter,†she says. “I was coming at it from the perspective of the increase in partisanship, and so I looked at Presidents not as legislative leaders but as party leaders.†That changes things dramatically. As Lee writes in her book “Beyond Ideology†(2009), there are “inherent zero-sum conflicts between the two parties’ political interests as they seek to win elections.†Put more simply, the President’s party can’t win unless the other party loses. And both parties know it. This, Lee decided, is the true nature of our political system. To test her theory, she created a database of eighty-six hundred Senate votes between 1981 and 2004. She found that a President’s powers of persuasion were strong, but only within his own party. Nearly four thousand of the votes were of the mission-to-Mars variety—they should have found support among both Democrats and Republicans. Absent a President’s involvement, these votes fell along party lines just a third of the time, but when a President took a stand that number rose to more than half. The same thing happened with votes on more partisan issues, such as bills that raised taxes; they typically split along party lines, but when a President intervened the divide was even sharper. 1AR Politics – Zero-sum And, extend our internal link turn- presidential involvement in votes create party divisions- that’s Klein- our evidence cites empirical analysis- politics is inherently a win or lose environment- ideologies subsume popularity of bills This means the plan accesses offense to the disad- preventing the president from gaining political capital and influence ensures a net better chance of legislation passing- otherwise the opposition party will counterbalance against Obama At worst, this is terminal defense- Obama’s political capital can’t persuade Republicans Klein 12 (Ezra, The New Yorker, “The Unpersuadedâ€, http://www.newyorker...currentPage=all, week of 3/19/12, accessed 3/14/12) This, Edwards says, is the reality facing modern Presidents, and one they would do well to accommodate. “In a rational world, strategies for governing should match the opportunities to be exploited,†he writes. “Barack Obama is only the latest in a long line of presidents who have not been able to transform the political landscape through their efforts at persuasion. When he succeeded in achieving major change, it was by mobilizing those predisposed to support him and driving legislation through Congress on a party-line vote.†That’s easier said than done. We don’t have a system of government set up for Presidents to drive legislation through Congress. Rather, we have a system that was designed to encourage division between the branches but to resist the formation of political parties. The parties formed anyway, and they now use the branches to compete with one another. Add in minority protections like the filibuster, and you have a system in which the job of the President is to persuade an opposition party that has both the incentive and the power to resist him. Highlighting didn't transfer, but you should be doing that yourself anyways.
  8. da fuq is with this topic man. The counterplan is not functionally competitive in the sense that the permutation is able to happen yes. The whole point of running counterplans like these is that they compete based on the net benefit. This deep-sea earth mining counterplan is essentially do the aff on the ground; this avoids all of the space net benefits. In layman's terms, the only answer you really need to the permutation is "perm still links to the net benefit." For example, if the net benefit was debris, the perm still does the aff, which still causes an increase in debris. If the counterplan solves the entirety of the aff, and avoids even a 1% risk of the net benefit, the counterplan is the better option; the permutation is able to happen, but the counterplan is more desirable.
  9. Having not attended GDI ever, I can't give you a comparative analysis of both. However, I did attend UTNIF skills intensive last summer, and can give it a sound approval. Especially for a rising sophomore, skills intensive really helps you. Keep in mind that UTNIF is notably a kritikal camp, but exposure is always good. The first week is all about fundamentals. There are 3 starter affs, with practice rounds every night on these affs. The affs get progressively "harder" and require more tech skill to understand and debate for/against. Mornings are aff/neg prep for these affs, and evenings are start/stop rounds. In the afternoon, you go to theory pods, which are really good lectures for fundamental disad, counterplan, and kritik lessons. As a novice entering your second year, this will really be the most beneficial to you as far as skills development. Second week GRIPES are where you learn good research skills. You can choose what kind of GRIPE you attend, based on your region's debate trends. If your region is very kritikal, attend a K gripe to learn about K research, as well as possibly a specific K that you'd run throughout the school year. It gives you ample opportunity to apply the K directly to the topic, as well as asking the various K veterans at UTNIF. If your region isn't so kritikal, or if you just feel like you should focus on more policy-oriented issues, there are various counterplan/disad GRIPES. Third week is all prep for the big camp tournament. It's good exposure to what a TOC level tournament could somewhat feel like. Judges are all baller as fuck, and there's 6 rounds. It's a good experience overall; outrounds are mandatory watching, so you can see some really good rounds. I think UTNIF is an amazing camp. Living spaces are...okay. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.
  10. Dulles has won 5A UIL state for the past 3 years, overlapping 3 different debater's careers. Also, they closed out finals last year, being declared co-champions. And keep in mind, this is just UIL success. Their accolades on the national circuit are pretty high as well.
  11. You should also try and include censorship bad cards, i.e., cards that make the claim that censorship of "bad" language reifies its impacts.
  12. >Political Science and Spanish major >Daily Nebraskan Opinion >Sources for good cards on a space topic One of these is not like the other.
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