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  1. im surprised no one started a facebook group yet.
  2. thelastmim

    Africa Aff

    Why are so many people only coming up with terrible aff ideas and to do previous topics like alternative energy, enlist poor in the national service, and africa. I mean seriously, come on, is there anything original or any other good aff ideas in this forum?
  3. left 4 dead is fun till like the 15th time you've played it online, but theres only 2 maps and nothing changes and its all predictable. Plus, the zombies always win and it takes so long to load up after you die. Gears of war is more fun than halo in my opinion but COD 4 is better than both. P.S. Halo wars is terrible, thank god I only rented it.
  4. lets be serious for a second: This is what the administration at maine east is so pissed about that require people to send $100. Tinkling Sticks used by the Filipino club that, Oh, yea a kid ACCIDENTALLY ROLLED into which means that it wasn't even vandalism but one kids mistake, which somehow reflects on the community's integrity. Something was scotch taped which means they can't remove the tape and jesus christ, it was out of alignment! it totally would'nt take a minute to align it properly (My teacher's do before they use there projector everyday!) Things were unplugged so it becomes impossible to plug it back in, we should send 100's of dollars to help out with the stress of plugging it back in. and omg how could I forget, A KID OPENED A HOOD IN THE SCIENCE ROOM, WHICH MEANS THE TEACHER COULDN'T TAKE 2 SECONDS TO CLOSE IT. I'm not sure about berkley, but the post about maine east is ridiculous, these claims of vandalism are absurd and what a few stupid people did do not reflect on anyone but the character of the people who did it ( those people know who they are)
  5. just because you have evidence saying it does doesnt mean you win. By the way no one is being killed and theres no structural violence occuring. I was clarifying a counteplan, perm still links to the net benefit. Disad outweighs double solvency because theres no impact to double solvency because its impossible to quantify.
  6. The repeal subsidies counterplan solves the food prices advantage because it instantly kills the market. this is empirically false. Theres no good evidence for this evidence, I dont even think this evidence exists.
  7. Well in my opinion hemp is generally weak, a counterplan to repeal subsidies for corn, combined with another plank to increase incentives in another form of energy easily solves pollution and perhaps the econ. I would go with RPS just b/c the advantages are very diverse and it's hard to have a single counterplan which solves half the case. But beware of many pics.
  8. Just because there called constructives doesnt justify reading 8 mins of impact turns, link turns, an solvency arguments. this is like saying "negatives shouldn't be able to run kritiks because this activity is called policy debate." If you ever said "there constructives" as your only answer to this, you will lose. counterinterpretaton: negatives only get new off case- on case answers to 2ac add-ons. There is no rationale judge who thinks a 2nc can go 8 minutes of case, it kills aff ground which flips the structual advanatage the aff gets. Think about what your saying, going 5 off case in the 2nc is ok? thats a great interpretation of debate. You have no offense as to why new off case posisitions/case arguments are good because the counterinterp solves all your offense.
  9. easy, kick everything and read a 1ar add-on or just spend a minute answering all of it, its not a real biggie.
  10. This is the thing about theory that I hate. What is the rational basis on which we just make arbitrary theory "interpretations" like "neg can't run states CP." I firmly believe that any theory argument should propose and defend a rational theory of negative or affirmative fiat. I.E. "The negative shouldn't be able to fiat multiple actors because there is no one decision maker who can ever choose to control multiple agents." Competition is also a prior filter to theoretical objections. If a certain set of counterplans is bad for debate, we should develop of coherent theory of competition that eliminates those CPs. But granting there competitive makes it easier for the neg to win on theory. In other words the argument you should be going against this is perm do the counterplan. By saying its not competitive you undermine its legitimacy
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