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  1. Ok, i ran the magnets one at camp. So just use it as a straight case turn then?
  2. I have the aff but i dont run it, what should i run on neg against it?
  3. Whats the best strat to run against a block grants aff specifically the WNDI one
  4. I dont want to run K of T its stupid, i need a file for actual cards to respond to it.
  5. Whats the best way to respond to a K of T
  6. Exactly how do you suggest we beat it? Thanks Brett Orlob
  7. It all depends on the argument, with something like a Biopower K qualifactions matter more since Foucault cards are all 76 normally. While with a Politics Disad recency matters but if the cards are within like 2-3 days apart then quals matter. All together neither really matter unless the cards are equal and thats all thats let to debate. Politics DAs are the only things that really have date and quals debates. If things are really far out there like one of the GDI cases has a card by Deutsch 2 and its info is from a cult called the Rabid Tiger Project a federalist cult in Nigeria in cases like that ou might get into to quals debates but not normally or if it is the same author for each side you can get into a debate over which is right.
  8. All 3 will be hard to win T on.
  9. The aff is good, but if you take out the last 2 cards it sucks they are the only way to beat the DAs and CPs. I dont run it because its pretty hard to win T on and there isnt enough liberal judges and iths easier to run an aff that I can beat Ks on here than DAs. The one round I ran it I lost on First Priority K, but if you have the right FW and win it then it doesnt matter.
  10. Cap and Trade look in the GDI politics file. For socialism bad look in the aff section of the Cap K or the neg of the of the Cap Good K.
  11. I ran vetrans at camp, it has about no solvency or solvency takes out one of the advantages or the inherent barrier.
  12. Vetrans aff sucks all advantages end up contradicting each other
  13. It might of been a different kamiak team, I no i hit Roger on the neg becasue i had to find my algae neg and it was at the bottom of the tub. We had you for the 6th round against holy names and we were aff.
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