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    I'm a varsity CX debater at Hendrickson High School in Texas. I'm also the captain of the HHS Swim team.
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    It's Meghan :D

  2. I'm here and I'm already crippled hurt my ankle on the first day...
  3. I'm in the lab with Ernie Querido and Matt Farmer.
  4. will be attending the two week camp As for the K lab argument, I've only heard good things about the K lab.
  5. I dont know if this works but it's a contextual def that is pretty limiting. (Again, I'm not so sure about it.) SOCIAL SERVICES MEANS ACTUALLY IMPROVING THE LIVES OF THOSE WHO USE THEM FOR GOOD Hon Paula Bennet March 18 2009, Social Development and Employment of the Salvation Army. National; http://www.national.org.nz/Article.aspx?ArticleID=29576 "It’s our challenge to know that the support and assistance we’re providing is being effective; not just in getting people through the next week or the next month, but in changing the drivers that created the situation they’re in. We need to make sure our programmes and services help people improve themselves and, as a result, have the power to change their situation for good."
  6. This was a round of one of my teammates at NFL districts against Cap Bad: Maggie: "Are there different types of Girls?" Some Guy: "...uummm.. yes?... No?...um..." Maggie: "Am I different from my partner?" Guy: "Yes." Maggie: "So it's possible that within a group, individual things can be different?" Guy: "yes." Maggie: "So there can be different types of Capitalism!"
  7. From Miriam Webster Dictionary: Sport ~ an activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively.
  8. Exactly so why are you being intolerant of people who have different opinions than you? He clearly stated that he didn't have a problem with other people getting same sex marriages, just that he personally disagrees with it and would never be gay him self. It's like, people can be pro-choice but personally agianst getting an abortion themselves. Anyways, your comment is very hypocritical...
  9. I'm a little mixed on the issue. First, Carrie Prajean should have known that the judge asking the question had very strong opinions on the issue and that her answer would have definately resulted in her losing the pageant. Part of the competition is getting on the judge's side. Second, if Perez Hilton was going to ask the question, he shouldn't have gotten so pissed off after she didn't give him the answer he wanted. People are allowed to have their different opinions (even if they are horrible). Either way, I wanted Miss North Carolina to win anyways. So I really don't think it's that big of an issue. It's just Perez Hilton being a big baby about it.
  10. pretty ingenious. I would do this too
  11. Does anyone know who made it in the Heart of Texas District?
  12. Take their evidence and hide it somewhere where they'll never find it.
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