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    Does anyone know some of the big PICS that are being run this year? and also, does anyone have answers (I already have all the theory from the campfiles) I heard from my captain that there was a K of PIC floating around, where can I find it?
  2. just pm me and i'll send you a copy when i am done
  3. I'm working on cutting an actual file just for laughs, if you want it when I'm done i'd be more than happy to send it to you
  4. Does anyone know where I could find these T definitons? Resolved means that we must do something and that Colon is used to precede an idea
  5. obviously there's the socialism bad leads to yadayadayada but i suppose you could also argue socialism has no precedent and they can't claim solvency on such a huge plan based off of models/projections by some random scholars/sources
  6. sorry I haven't been on sooner, school and whatnot, but thank you very very much nathan_debate, that MIT graduate's blog will be particularly useful
  7. I already have cap bad files, specifically I'm looking for cards that say Capitalism is the root cause of greed or Capitalism is the root cause of corruption any and all help appreciated
  8. Does anyone know where I could get a Kritik of Topicality file??
  9. Something I though of just off of the top of my head (sorry if it's a little off topic) Banning education means that the remaining people who are educated have utter control over those who are uneducated, as they are the only ones who can read interpret laws etc. seeing any similarities to Animal Farm?
  10. If you still need it Giligan in '96 The magnitude of the violence caused by poverty is the most horrendous form of violence Gilligan 96, James Psychiatrist http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?t=989636&highlight=economic+collapse Former Director of Psychiatry at Massachusetts State Prison, worked in the criminal justice system for many years. M.D Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School The deadliest form of violence is poverty. Any approach to a theory of violence needs to begin with a look at the structural violence. The lethal effects of structural violence operate continuously whereas wars, and other forms of behavior violence occur one at a time. The 14 to 19 million deaths a year caused by structural violence compare with about 100,000 deaths per year from armed conflict. and even a hypothetical nuclear exchange war cannot begin to compare with structural violence, which continues year after year. Every fifteen years as many people die because of relative poverty as would be killed by the Nazi genocide of the Jews over a six-year period. This is, the equivalent of an ongoing, unending, and accelerating, thermonuclear war, or genocide, perpetrated on the weak and poor every year of every decade, throughout the world. Structural violence is also the main cause of behavioral violence on a socially and epidemiologicaly significant scale. me and my partner used a totally bullshit adv with this, but it seemed to catch teams of guard we pretty much said poverty allowed Hitler to rise to power, the rest should be self explanatory.
  11. So would Gaza DA saying that doing plan takes away political capital which causes x impacts be a politics DA or a politics link?
  12. A lot of people run them, but I have literally no clue what they are. Can anyone explain them please?
  13. Wait, is this aff saying that capitalism = bad? Something I usually say is that any attempt to move away from a capitalist system has led to communism and oppression of human rights.
  14. You could try that the fact that we think that these people need more capitalist material possessions to survive, contributes?
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