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  1. got a message today saying this member is new here...and yet he/she has been registered since '08...I have to agree with `codeoftheeast`

  2. 947740

    Iowa 09-10

    Thanks. That Indian Hills team was really good...along with your Indianola team.
  3. 947740

    Iowa 09-10

    So who won the Indianola Middle-School tournament?
  4. If anyone could point me towards a file/evidence that answers "capitalism bad," that would be great. I do have things to trade. Just PM me. Thanks.
  5. 947740

    Food Stamp Aff

    I have a food stamp aff and neg coming along well...if anyone wants to trade for it at some point, I would be willing to do that. Just PM me.
  6. Does anyone know of/mind sharing a card that basically says economic stimulus leads to a better economy? Or that it just saves the economy? Thanks in advance.
  7. If you read the introduction essay off Planet Debate, Stefan Bauschard says it is not significant.
  8. Grimace is not saying that it is against the rules.
  9. And then you don't answer the K...and you answer the arguments with an illegitimate argument (due to state regs...and both teams could be disqualified). But KoT is pretty sweet.
  10. Then all you have to do is point that out.
  11. 947740


    He is possibly saying that two worlds can co-exist. I.E. both the aff and neg propose different worlds, and the judge believes those two can be combined (maybe a way to put it would be "permed"). I do not know if that is a correct explanation of the situation, however.
  12. I know that...the specific K we ran was a case-turn. It is not applicable to most situations...a really bad example.
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