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  1. Do you know who will be at VHSL Northern Regionals? I know from Concorde there are 2 Oakton teams and a Chantilly team.

  2. Your thesis sounds like the aff response to the poverty PIC. Can I have your qualifications and use you in a round?
  3. Pilots are okay, but I hate how they smear if you touch the ink too soon. Pentel RSVP's fine tips are the best.
  4. I Found Yapa 96!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Because Affirmative action promotes accepting qualified minorities, I believe that it is still necessary in order to improve the educational experience. Education is not only about book learning, it is also about developing social skills. It is not conducive to social education to have classrooms that only consist of one type of person, or to have classrooms without women, or classrooms without blacks or hispanics. When you don't spend time around different people, you miss out on an excellent learning opportunity. It increases your worldview when you are exposed to different cultures. So, affirmative action is necessary if only to increase diversity. And, no, one minority in the classroom is not representative of a whole culture.
  6. The best debater is a debater that can win without cards-- yes, it's possible. I haven't done it, but that's my ultimate goal. Another important thing is that a great debater is understandable to regular people. For example, if my mom was watching a round, she'd know what the heck was going on. And, money is very important, too.
  7. List of types of Mountain Dew:

    Code red



    Blue game fuel

    Red game fuel

    The Tropical one

    White Mountain (it's white)


    Live Wire (yellow)

  8. I got the same message.

  9. Does anybody know all the teams that are going to states for policy in the Virginia High School League? I know TJ is going, but I don't know who else.
  10. Call my favorite teammate and harass him about his suit in spanish.
  11. Can you answer your PMs, please?

  12. Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris doesn't sleep - he waits.
  13. Worse. If we bail out the U.S auto companies, then they won't have to start making better cars. People buy foreign cars because they're ten times better than the American ones. The auto companies need to recognize that and finally realize that this is not a capitalist country- consumers buy what works best.
  14. I love your picture! (the one about homosexuality)

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