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  1. It was the Skills Intensive
  2. UTNIF is in the first half of the summer and is amazing for the K. The K really did start out there, and their faculty will ensure that you become well-versed on the K. When I was there, JV, Claire, and Teddy were my lab leaders. I remember after a practice debate how confused I was with one of the Ks that had been put out, and JV sat down and talked with me and my partner for a few hours about what the K was saying along with the best ways to answer it. Teddy was similarly a K genius, getting me ready to go on the disciplinary power K. And after having Claire as my coach for 4 years, I can confirm that she's ridiculously knowledgeable when it comes to the K - she's the one I'd go to whenever I had a question about what a piece of K evidence says.
  3. what affs are being read?
  4. 8 would be absolutely amazing, 4 too. but really all of those seem pretty sick.
  5. Zachary

    Tech Help

    I recently started up microsoft word in "safe mode" - all of my macros were deleted, along with the "debate" ribbon at the top. Is there any way to fix this/get the macros back? In case there isn't, I've started to try to find some of the macros I had + rekeybind them. However, every time I press "f1" to bind, it brings up the "windows help" window (and then doesn't let me bind)....does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks
  6. The Kinkaid School, in Houston, Texas, has two openings in debate. Kinkaid supports a nationally competitive team in both policy and LD, with about 15 debaters. Both positions begin August 2012. The Head of Debate Program organizes and runs a nationally competitive debate program; develops the debate curriculum and teaches Upper School Debate classes; organizes team travel and arranges logistical support; stays abreast of current debate topics; helps students research and develop arguments; organizes after school work sessions; monitors student academic performance; advises a small group of students; carries out other routine duties as assigned; and travels with team to major national tournaments (about 2-3 per month). Requirements for the position include significant experience as a coach and debater; experience with, and enjoyment of, this age group; at least a bachelor’s degree in an academic field; availability to work with students after regular school hours; ability to travel frequently. The Middle School Debate Teacher/Coach teaches seventh and eighth grade debate and one or two middle or upper school classes in a discipline such as English or history; coaches the middle school debate team; shares weekend debate tournament responsibilities with the director of debate; and advises a small group of middle school students. Requirements for this position include experience as a debater, and preferably as a coach; experience with, and enjoyment of, this age group; at least a bachelor’s degree in an academic field; availability to work with students after regular school hours; ability to travel frequently. Contact Jim Dunaway, Dean of Faculty, at jim.dunaway@kinkaid.org, or (713) 782-1640.
  7. Zachary

    2011 TOC

    It's hard to tell whether or not the decision was legit if you didn't see the round. Both teams are obviously extremely good.
  8. Zachary

    2011 TOC

    clearly this was not the case...
  9. not only that, it's arguably not competitive.
  10. Zachary

    NDT results

    Assuming I have permission from the debaters, does anyone know if taping rounds is allowed?
  11. epistemology = knowledge production, the way you have come to acquire knowledge and the way you interpret that knowledge
  12. yes, but if you don't have the newest ev describing why we're losing the war and answers to the new neg CPs (and even in some cases, DAs [india DA, minerals DA]) that come out every tournament then you will not be as successful as you would be if you were reading another aff
  13. Zachary


    Spankdaddy = new hotness - just get up there and rap, easy win + 30 speaks
  14. i forgot that most people were able to meditate to communicate with aliens at free will. i also forgot that when the aliens come into contact with Mr. Greer he's the only one that sees them. also, we're not otherizing the aliens, but rather the insane guy that claims to have seen them but has no evidence/proof of it that can be falsified...
  15. be careful. i read an article a while back saying that even the craziest UFO clubs rejected this guy because he is so insane. apparently he has had several alien encounters, all starting at a young age. he can also meditate and communicate with aliens at free will.
  16. wasnt he like... top speaker at blake or something?
  17. Zachary

    UT Tournament

    it's kinkaid BD, Baldwin - Datla that is going to the RR
  18. this wouldn't stand a chance against T-substantial is there a literature that says that presence is only combat forces (and excludes non-combat)
  19. Zachary

    2011-12 Topic

    this is definitely a good thing - aff ground on this topic SUCKS. we need a more aff biased topic for once w/ more aff ground. there are literally 3 good affs on this topic + neg lit base is huge not same generic DAs - you have 3 different areas to have DAs to - each of those have subsets thats not a bad thing - deterrence DA this year is pretty awesome. most of the topics have been taken up by college before. space for example was the topic when my coach was in college - and teams won't just rely on old ev, you obviously will still need to cut newer evidence
  20. Zachary

    2011-12 Topic

    1. China 2. India 3. Space 4. SE Asia 5. Cyber
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