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  1. Anyone have the Villiger Results packet for Policy?
  2. Does anyone have access to a policy team list for Villiger this weekend, or does anyone want to start one?
  3. I know that it's really early to start asking things like this, but if anyone knows any of the dates/logistical information for any of these tournaments, please post it here. Blake Emory Glenbrooks University of Michigan Lexington New Trier Ohio Valley Bronx Science Homewood Flossmoor Lakeland Scranton
  4. I was wondering if anyone had any information regarding the Wake Forest Early Bird Invitational for 2011. Does anyone know what the dates are yet? Any information would be appreciated.
  5. um, i think both of the debaters full well know that im absolutely good with everything =P btw, im at debate camp, so ill check this as often as i can
  6. hahah, sorry mr h, it was one time i promise =)
  7. and the drop the plan and embrace the 8 condo CPs/Ks and winning on it because your flat out not paying attention strategy. hahaha =)
  8. Stuff straight out of the Moe Alwan killer.
  9. hahaha, thatd be crazy. They'd probably end up contradicting timewise though
  10. I suggest trying to attend the Broad Run Invitational this year on November 6th. If you want more information, check the cross-x thread. http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?p=1793025&posted=1#post1793025
  11. Moe, read above haha. We include all events
  12. NJL1994


    States- AT- Race to bottom, uniformity has no precedent, states fail, federal government good
  13. I'm pretty sure that they're not, but I'll have to check on that.
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