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  1. fefer says it will cause a nimby movement that will close bases in the rest of japan
  2. im confused. policy debate seems to be doing fine even expanding through UDLs. who says anything is killing it
  3. WB Cp was artificially competitive because nick included "relocate to the united states" in the plan text
  4. 1) some people are better at speaking than other people. some people can speak faster some people can speak prettier. you can practice both but some people are just better 2) tell people in round that you need them to speak slower and tell them if you cant understand the card you wont flow and then call clear a bunch of times 3) other people dealt with the disability stuff. we shouldnt shift debate down to the lowest common denominator 4) debate is not a spectator activity. how many people will understand a super advanced physics lecture 5) speaking quickly increases amount of stuff that is discussed. i can understand the debate and many other people can to
  5. or email me max5470@gmail.com
  6. chaos is right i have a lot of things to trade and didnt feel like writing out a whole list. i assumed anyone who wanted to trade would email/pm in order to discuss a trade
  7. im looking for a really nice cap k. if it was put together for this topic that would be great but if its a back file as long as the alternative section is strong then i would be happy email me max5470@gmail.com or pm me
  8. wat are u offering to trade
  9. i also have a good hc bad file max5470@gmail.com
  10. im in 4 week. from wat they told my dad bout the extra 1500 was that the staff was super better. who else is goin? o and im goin into sophmore year but im also goin into my 3rd year of high school policy debate do u guys kno wheather ill be in junior or sophmore lab
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