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  1. db8er4nyc

    Health Care

    thanks above post ^^! i understand it now [=!
  2. db8er4nyc

    Health Care

    But I still don't understand why in America, universal health care like the government isn't feasible or won't solve.
  3. db8er4nyc

    Health Care

    I'm a novice and this whole health care issue was really confusing me. 1. Is America able to have universal health care? Why or why not? 2. Why is it so crucial in Obama's eyes? 3. is it just a matter of political capital...? Hopefully, I'll be understand health care disads one day. Thanks Guys!
  4. Why were people using sports figure's and there awards during the early part of this thread? I don't think he deserved it...but it makes him look pretty. Pretty people make other people happy. glen Beck is not pretty
  5. That's true. It's this almost self-perpupetuating system splits societs into sects each promoting and apposing certain idea. And social reciprocity differs from standard notions of reciprocity because social reciprocators intervene whenever a norm is violated and do not condition intervention on potential future or alturism and such.
  6. The existence of social reciprocity…demonstrates that more socially efficient outcomes arise when reciprocity can be expressed socially. What are your interpetations of social reciprocity? Opinions and thoughts are all welcome!
  7. 1.No. However on each floor there is a microwave and a big fridge that all the debaters get to use for free.
  8. Last year when i went, they did not provide fans, sheets, pillows et. just a bare room with a clost. u shud bring a small one, but beware of flying evidence
  9. There are so many previous threads on this topic.
  10. Anything you feel comfortable in
  11. HP laptops may be a bit more expensive, but they are wll worth it in my opinion.
  12. These are great ideas, esspecially with the NYUDL not being able to support as much as they once did, schools and debaters need to turn to other ways to overcome these financial obstacles.
  13. Rising junior, from New York City here! Anybody in the Vars-trans lab? **i went to Gonzaga last year and i remember they had to coun grass blades in like a three-yard radius or something . You don't want to get it.
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