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  1. What's a good book that discusses how capitalism affects our culture? I've been looking at First as Tragedy, Second as Farce.
  2. What chapters of Power/Knowledge are best for reading the basics of Foucault's philosophy?
  3. Can anyone explain the difference or point to some resources that would be helpful? Thanks.
  4. Since State is over.... Best judge: Anjali Vats Best coach: McCool Best squad/school: Mercer Best team: Mercer GP Best aff team: Mercer GP Best neg team: St. George's LN Best kritik debater: Sean Ghods Best straight-up policy debater: Leduc Most persuasive speaker: Stephanie Permut Most helpful person: McCool Most hardworking debater: Ghods Fastest debater: Joe Leduc Best debater overall: Sean Ghods Novice to watch out for next year: Ingram novices The best team next year: Mercer GP Funniest debater: Most fun debater to judge/watch: Rookie team of the year: Most underrated team: Arlington Most underrated debater: Kevin Ma Most improved debater: Gordon Friedman/SGS MV Most improved team: SGS MV (laziest but overall good guy): Steven Rowe
  5. aspasp

    Nat quals =)

    Puget Sound Quals: Mercer Island - Patrick Fong & Elissa Picozzi Kamiak - Jake Landsberg & Alice Huang
  6. This just in: brorlob doesn't have anything better but write posts all day and verbally attack a dead man!
  7. Um okay so what do we do that's the same as Elvis or the Beatles?
  8. Lol I'm sure you read the end at least.
  9. You could use SOME logic. Jackson had 29 top 10 singles spanning from 1971 to 2001. What a one hit wonder! His music videos in themselves are like short movies (good ones) and please go listen to his music again if all you hear is R&B and pop. Jackson donated over 300 million dollars to charities around the world and has always called for peace. But I admit he didn't protest on his bed for a week. Dayum really?! Well why don't we just end the argument there. O noes he brought the child molester card on me! Jackson is up there with anyone in #1 singles, album sales, etc. If you look at music today, he clearly has more influence than Elvis or Lennon. Then again, I wasn't old enough to see them. The funny part is that you contradict yourself at every point of your argument. What you say Elvis has, Lennon doesn't and vice versa. Elvis wasn't an activist and Lennon didn't dance or change genres. In conclusion, your argument is just very dumbs. P.S. Hopefully I didn't hurt your ass too bad. But you can just Beat It to make yourself feel better!
  10. How? Any tangible or objective reasoning (look at albums sales and effect on modern day music) says he is up there with anyone.
  11. http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?t=991689 took 2 clicks
  12. aspasp


    The fuck? Lebron earned the title? Last time I checked they probably would've been swept if he didn't hit his lucky shot with a second left. They got blown out especially in the deciding game. He didn't earn anything and even if sportsmanship probably wouldn't play into his legacy it just shows how much his ego has been fed by coaches and shoe companies since middle school. It isn't about how you win--anyone can win graciously, but it's how you lose that shows your class.
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