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    Next Year

    It seems like this every year, but someone else will always pick it up. Fortunately for you, being all insightful as I am I can tell you who will be next years top five teams will be: 1) SME P. Dalal (she'll be going maverick, deal with it) 2) SME Kenny/Towster (they got bumped up on my list due to style points) 3) SME McClannahan/Bernard 4) SME Carey/Hill Fifth place goes to whatever other SME team my files will trickle down to. Basically as long as four SME teams enter a tournament anything short of closing out semis will be a disappointment, our only real opponent will be the structure of the bracket. Also I'll be at KU.
  2. Hey everyone, Shawnee Mission East will be hosting our local NFL qualifier and were running a little bit short on judging so if anyone would like to help out that would be great. Here is the letter from Mr. Witt: " Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know that SME will be hosting the East Kansas National Forensic League qualifying tournament for policy debate on December 11th and 12th. Because we are hosting, we are responsible for recruiting one fourth of the judges. Because this is the tournament that qualifies kids to nationals, it is very important that we recruit judges who are qualified and experienced with judging debate, but also that we meet our judge quota as the host school. Many judges are needed for this tournament because every round is paneled. If you think you would be able to help us out by judging, I would really appreciate it, as will the East debaters who will be competing. The only requirement is that you must be at least 2 years out of high school (equivalent of a college junior). Please email me back and include: -Which rounds you are available to judge -Any East students, or other area high school debaters, whom you should be banned from judging -A completed judge philosophy form (see attachment) -An email address and phone number you can be reached by Thanks so much and I hope to see you all in December! Trey Friday, December 11 Registration 2:00-3:00 Assembly 3:00 Round 1 3:30 p.m. Round 2 5:00 p.m. Round 3 7:00 p.m. Saturday, December 12 Round 4 8:30 a.m. Round 5 10:30 a.m. Round 6 12:30 p.m. Round 7 2:30 p.m. Round 8 4:30 p.m. Round 9 6:30 p.m Trey Witt " You can respond here or pm me, anything is much appreciated.
  3. No Patrick, You've foiled our element of surprise!
  4. ENTRIES: Barstow—7 Teams Need Names Blue Springs South—3 Teams Need Names Blue Valley North—4 Teams NEED FIRST NAMES Wizig and McClung Cull and Waldman Reynolds and Thompson Guillory and Foreman Buhler—2 Teams Need Names Campus—1 Team Devyn Gourley and Shelbie Konkel Emporia—1 Team Need Names Fort Osage—1 Team Jenna Belmore and Joshua Miller Garden City—5 Teams Todd Wells and Amanda Ramirez Shelby Twiss and Alonso Pena Sam Perez and Alex Diaz Miguel Perales and Ivan Moya Ashley Booker and Charla Norquest Goddard—2 Teams Casey Donnell and Trey Stafford Isaac Hoetmer and Sarah Jack Greenwood Lab—1 Team Need Names Heritage Hall—3 Teams Philip Holsted and Cooper Shear Mac Kennedy and Olivia Panchal Ellie Johnson and Julia Hester Hutchinson—1 Team TJ Blake and Katelin Morey Jenks— 4 Teams (4 Vegetarians/1 Vegan) Nishant Patel and Grant Marcoux Andy Hays and Joe Loveless Rohan Mutalik and Parth Singh Catalina Cortes and Aqsa Zahid Little Rock Central—4 Teams Don Onyeokezi and Michael Anda Ian Wren and Daniel Schexnayder Muhannad Abu-Rhameilh and Ghassan McKoul Jay Withers and Colby Pruette Littleton—1 Team (1 Vegetarian) Tres Pittman and Daniel Thomas Maize—2 Teams Aron Ochsner and Jerri Washburn Kaylin Sangimino and Joe Purcell Manhattan—1 Team Need Names Marquette—2 Teams Cameron Carlson and Matt Johnson Stephen Ahal and Rohit Gummi Marshfield—2 Teams Shawna Rowe and Sammy Johnson Peyton Andrews and Chasity Freeman Millard South—3 Teams Connor Hagerty and Bri Hargan Tyler Snelling and Mary Marcum Ben Karschner and Shelby Waldman Millard West—2 Teams Shane Adams and Ryan Markus Jaritza Medina and Kirsten Blagg Oak Park--1 Team Carly Evans and Brandon Wood Olathe Northwest—1 Team Need Names Omaha Westside—2 Teams (1 Vegetarian) Zachary Robinson and Maddie Ebert Brandon Smith and Tarek Ali Pembroke—5 Teams Brad Bolman and Lewis Sharp Thomas Hodgman and Peter Vale Mihir Vedantam and Andy Yu Abby Elmer and Zac Shaiken Grant Barnow and Isaac Alpert Silver Lake—2 Teams Need Names Shawnee Mission East—6 Teams Need Names Shawnee Mission South—2 Teams Varsha Subramanyam and Jyleesa Hampton Aaron Miller and Tim Bontrager Shawnee Mission West—3 Teams Cory Newman and Leigha Empson Lauren Scanlan and Spencer Jones Yuqi Hou and Reed Norman St. James Academy—2 Teams Need Names St. Thomas Aquinas—4 Teams Need Names Sumner Academy—1 Team Need Names Truman—1 Team Need Names Washburn Rural—6 Teams Need Names Wichita East—3 Teams (1 Vegetarian) Evan Hernandez and Jonathan Lewallen Hope Faflick and Salman Husain Lucy Orsi and Kelly Redler 35 SCHOOLS 91 TEAMS
  5. I mean, my statement is completely unenforceable, I just don't want to see teams taking advantage of this. Whatever someones views are, I'm fine with, I just don't want someone to get to go both ways.
  6. I just thought I should mention that in advocating good grammar you forgot to capitalize your "i"s, Reid. Haha, no harm man, you can make it up in a round. Onto the substance of this, I haven't read most of whats been going on (because I simply don't have time), but let me make a suggestion and a statement. Suggestion: KCKCC could really drive this disclosure forward. Statement: SME will always disclose to other teams unless you don't disclose to us. That said, if another team has us disclose to them and then DOESN'T disclose, I will be posting complete cites for them on the wiki. Even if you (in hind sight) don't support it.
  7. First off, I don't mean to hijack this thread about twitter, but I felt the issue of brief disclosures is completely intrinsic to the quick results info provided by the twitter, (i.e. "SMESR (aff- head start) d. SMEPR (2nr-cap k)", this is a brief amount of information that isn't quite disclosure, but still lets us know information about the teams who are winning. (and in case your wondering, I just disclosed what I do) I understand your point, but don't necessarily agree (and sev, I do realize it has been debated before, but let me reiterate some points that have probably been made in the past). Although it seems like it would work that way in a world of disclosures -- it works in an even more messed up way without disclosures. Why? Because my 100 person squad will send 6 teams to a tournament which allows us to end up with around 30 new disclosures at the end of each week, then a 100 person squad goes about cutting answers to everything we heard (at least in a perfect world, which is certainly not the case). But for the smaller 4 person squad they will hear only 5 to 10 cases that they can disclose amongst themselves and cut answers to. Furthermore my squad will scout a large majority of the out-rounds, and especially at tournaments like KCKCC that break to double octos this is simply impossible for smaller squads, meaning my squad gets even more ahead in terms of disclosure. So on face, it might seem like disclosure would hurt smaller schools, but in the current reality -- they get screwed over much worse. Regardless, these are simply my thoughts, but I think the STA coach has made clear he doesn't agree, and this is his project so I will leave it alone.
  8. Haha, I don't quite have time for that, nor do I need it that bad. When I need affs or neg strats I can typically figure out whats going on, East has a big squad and we discloses amongst ourselves well -- I just figured that in a state so big on helping smaller squads some vague disclosures would help those smaller schools who don't have a 100 kid squad like my own.
  9. ---I was just casually suggesting---
  10. Sorry then, I didn't know twitter had such rules. Send my suggestion to some other thread, I guess.
  11. Well it seems if people are so excited to know who broke at waru live it would seem logical that they would also be (and should be much more) interested to know what the aff was and what the generic neg strat was. I'm not talking about a full out case book (because I don't want the argument) just saying it would be a good idea to post the aff and the order negative teams used in the 1nc, block and what they went for. You should at least post a small description of what decides the final rounds of these tournaments.
  12. You guys should tweet affs and neg strats -- its time for a forced case list.
  13. Since when does debate have rules?
  14. I guess this is at Snorlax: The turns were obviously jokes, but don't jump too quickly. I cut down on font size a lot to make files smaller so I can manage printing the amount necessary, it really does make a difference and if anyone ever thought our evidence was too small my partner or I would blow it up on the computer and give it to the other team. This solves the difficult and "effort" it takes to read the card so they can move on to more important things "like flow[ing] or make[ing] arguments." My problem with considering this a "harmful debate practices" and voting them down is that (besides the fact that nearly everyone else links to making the harmful practice, making it a moot point) is that it moves debate further away from resolutional argumentation. I don't think it will lead to "rules", I'm not stupid, but I think it would reduce debates to trivial things such as "we had trouble reading your 7th card so we win" when over 30 cards were read in round. If it were to become a serious problem then perhaps a voter could come up, but it seems like this argument will typically be used in the least educational way possible. Don't be so quick to indict and diss. (oh and no brightline, etc.)
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