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    I like to bribe judges with candy. I like to smell people when I flow. When I dress my clothes don't usually match. I hate areopostle. very much.
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    Debate is probably the biggest. Um and creative activities.
  1. The best quote you've ever heard about debate or even the best thing you've ever heard in a debate. Like quotes or mantras you live (ha, debaters don't have souls) by.
  2. Lady Gaga- Just Dance ( insert debate at the dance parts) Hollywood Undead- No5 My Chemical Romance - I'm Not Okay JOURNEY! Electric Six is great for most any occasion.
  3. a pentagram is a five sided shape, so that's how you can remember pentose is a five compound sugar or someting- my biology teacher is a pentagram a satanic symbol? and pentagon a five sided figure? right? should've corrected him. dang.
  4. Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, My Chemical Romance. Best Album ever and all the songs have a distinct sound.
  5. when did you stop being a novice? don't you have to makeout with thomas to stop being a novice? don't doubt the psychic powers of debators. i'm pretty sure branden is capable of it. guess who this is!
  6. super thanks. the other team had bad hair too. it matters.
  7. i was running a nuclear aff and the neg told we were racist for dumping nuclear waste on reservations. so in cx i asked why native americans allowed people to dump nuke waste on the reservations. neg basically said native americans are stupid. my 2nr was you can't be against racism when you are racist yourself. ha.
  8. at my first meet a bunch of us didn't break. so we're just sitting around being board and this one chick invites us to play this game wink. this game consists of tackling/wrestling/feeling-up people. totally awesome. my pants almost fell off. apparently debators can't hear you yell," my pants are falling off." pretty sure i met my future wife there. not to awesome.
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