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  1. do you guys know how to read a clock? its only sunday.
  2. not too many Idaho debaters are on the forums anymore - if you are serious about this, you should ask Ms. Walker to pass the word along the coach's email grapevine.
  3. Anakin Solo died while on a mission to destroy the Voxyn queen in Star by Star by Troy Denning, during the Yuzon Vong war. This concept of a "sequel trilogy" makes zero sense within the established cannon of the expanded universe.
  4. There are a few ethical dilemmas with this course of action. 1. The original "recruitment" of the Spartan II's consisted of kidnapping 75 six year old children who showed advanced development in certain cognitive and physical areas. These kidnapped children only came from the outer colonies of the UNSC (United Nations Space Command), whose residents were considered second class citizens and underneath citizens from Earth and the Inner colonies. After these children were secretly taken, they we're subsequently flash cloned to hide the kidnapping from their parents. These flash clones were especially susceptible to neurological ailments, and all became severely retarded, if not dead, within a few short years. 2. The kidnapped children were then immediately drafted into the military. Beginning at the age of six, before their minds were able to make the choice freely to defend the UNSC, they were indoctrinated with false patriotism and loyalty to the military. Taken at such an early age, it was easy to make the young children forget their previous lives, their previous families, their previous identities; the violent military establishment slowly took on each of these roles, at the center of existence. 3. At the age of 12, the 75 children were forced to under go a variety of risky, experimental surgeries in an attempt to biologically alter their brain chemistry and physiological structure; in essence, to create super-soldiers. Despite the obvious risks of these dangerous and untested surgical enhancements, the UNSC forged ahead, resulting in a 50% mortality rate. Even beyond that, another group of the surviving Spartan II's became failed subjects, resulting in gross physical deformity. Even after becoming cripples at the hands of their masters, the UNSC would allow the Spartans no freedom; they were transfered to the shadowy Office of Naval Intelligence. 4. The Spartans were originally created to act as muscle to reinforce the imperial power of Earth over the outer colonies. The Spartans were commissioned well before the Covenant threat, and were originally intended to act as a secret police force to assassinate rebel leaders and intimidate outer colonies that wished to secede from Earth's control. They also supported a fascist military government based on Earth. Never once is a civilian government ever referred to; only the UNSC, a military body, is in a position of power over Earth's empire. If the Covenant invasion had not provided an evil other for the UNSC to justify its totalitarian rule, the Master Chief would have been used in the role of SS officer, not alien slayer. 5. The Spartan's represent the UNSC's commitment to violent consequentialist modes of political calculation. All of the atrocities explained above were justified by the logic of the end justifies the means. Any violence was justified to prevent the chaos of civil war between Earth and the Outer Colonies. This logic even continued into the Covenant invasion, with UNSC naval forces abandoning the outer colonies to be slaughtered in order to reinforce and protect the inner colonies. This blatant disregard for individual life eventually manifested itself into a problem - as the Covenant razed deeper and deeper into human space, closer and closer to Earth - soon there wouldn't be any humanity left to sacrifice for a "greater good". This crazed indifference is what eventually caused the leader of the Spartan II project, Dr. Catherine Halsey, to defect from the UNSC. It is also what caused Spartan John-117, the Master Chief himself, to reconsider his own role in upholding this imperialist and unethical sacrifice of the innocent. He still fought the Covenant, but he started fighting for the right reasons - for the good of humanity as a whole. tldr; I will K the shit out the imperialist and consequentialist notions of Spartans.
  5. jesus christ jakob, nice bumb a month after the tournament
  6. highlandmike

    League of Legends

    username: brutofSKI mains: Annie, Cho'gath, Kayle (best ult in the game) I haven't invested any irl money into the game yet, but I play enough to have a full caster set of runes for annie/cho with just IP. also, riot needs to stop spilling root beer inside the servers. This recent outbreak of server outage is killing me.
  7. this made me think of the ethical consequences of saving cards in anther context - evidence that is not accessible for free or without paid subscription to a website such as Lexis, Muse, etc. To have the best evidence, debaters need to be cutting literature from the most qualified and recent published material. For college or private high school debaters, access to databases with this literature is provided by their campus. This is opposed to most public high schools and libraries, where the average research is not as rigorous, and the subscription fee can't always be justified. Of all the structural aspects of debate that foster elitism (money for travel/coaches, camp, etc), availability to research is the most disappointing. Allowing equal access to this literature through word documents in the form of cards can only benefit clash and equality. That being said, while I advocate those debaters privileged or lucky enough to have access to databases to share their resources with others i the debate community, I also agree that permission should be asked first.
  8. that last continuing resolution vote was the sickest politics scenario my team ever cut. also, wouldn't be surprised to see shutdown happen
  9. aerobie discs seem kind of weird from what google showed me. in your opinion, how do you think they compare to innova and discraft stuff? these are the only discs I've ever really played to make comparisons to. I like the warlock alright, but the one I have is just so damn light! it can't barely even be 145 grams. I'm just borrowing it from a friend until I can buy a new Aviar P&A - after two years of use mine is ready for retirement. sarcasm, regret, and lies aside - dude, I'm not that good either. but you don't have to play at a professional level to enjoy an activity. and although by some definitions, disc golf might not qualify as a "sport", I think any activity with professional players deserves some recognition. Disc golf pro's compete as invitationals for prize money, get sponsored, and do many other things in common with their professional golf playing counterparts.
  10. bump its spring break for me, and despite the shitty weather I've gotten in some disc golf time. played 66 holes on Wednesday, shit was awesome. Last summer, played 101 holes in one day. In my bag right now (although I hope to expand my disc selection as the summer progresses) : - Warlock putter (my only gateway disc, everything else is innova) - DX Aviar P&A - star plastic T-Rex - champion plastic Valkyrie - star FL - DX Roc - DX Classic Roc - star Spider - star Max - glow in the dark Sidewinder (worst investment of my life) first discs on my list are a champion Firebird and some sort of 9 speed star driver - or maybe a champion 10 speed. also, myself and a few friends of mine have started to custom die our own discs - fucking hard to do neatly, but we've pulled off some sick patterns - my friend put a triforce on his champion orc.
  11. I would love to recommend this camp to debaters who aren't just in the Wyoming, Colorado, and Rocky Mountain area. I have attended the Wyoming Forensics Institute for the past two summers, and benefited greatly from my experience. Debaters with all levels of experience in policy were given equal attention and the opportunity to advance their debate skills. The lectures, lab work, and practice rounds on the topic accommodated all skill levels in advancement. I am highly satisfied with my own progression, starting from first year novice and progressing to a potential debater in college. The WFI staff is highly qualified and has taken many young debaters and advanced them to high levels. Matthew Wittrock, a debater from my school and fellow WFI attendee, also started as a slightly better than average debater from a primarily communications based circuit. His attendance to the Wyoming Forensics Institute was the basis of his improvement, which lead to his successes which include being Idaho State debate champion and picking up a TOC bid at Alta with an undefeated record on the neg. The main point I want to make about the WFI is the price - you can get the same high quality debate education as larger camps for almost two grand less. These cheap prices are what allowed Wittrock, myself, and many policy debaters attend a debate camp. Hopefully it will allow other debaters to attend camp as well this summer.
  12. also, there is a second district in Idaho that needs to be listed. not sure who the qualifies are though
  13. highlandmike

    Gamer Tags?

    I play Garen, Annie, Ashe, Chogath hit me up for a game - brutofSKI
  14. I'm just saying that's what the link could look like dude. don't get mad at me for answering op
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