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  1. You're is only correct in the title Your is correct in the first post because it is saying "your welcome to cross-x"
  2. Hire me to write you the weekly or occasionally needed politics file for your high school tournament. I feel I offer some of the best quality cards and can definitely assure you that you can win the uniqueness question with my evidence. Please contact me for samples of my work. All files include 1ncs, 2nc overviews, uniqueness extensions, multiple scenarios and a diverse array of impacts as well as all will/wont pass on all relevant bills. Kiersten Strachan callmekierstn@gmail.com 281.678.1211
  3. Kiersten Strachan Clear Lake High School '11 University of Oklahoma '15 281.678.1211 kiersten.strachan@ou.edu callmekierstn@gmail.com Dallas/Oklahoma City area
  4. Kiersten Strachan Clear Lake HIgh School '11 University of Oklahoma- Norman '15 callmekierstn@gmail.com 713.818.7786
  5. hell yes it will--- here's the link Political CAPITAL
  6. hey who is this? This is kiersten btw

  7. Here's another politics file for NFLs that has a different scenarios 6.13.11 Politics Updates
  8. oh you're not telling your gender.


  9. how do i view a break down of the rep? is that possible anymore? GAHHHHH

  10. Is there no reputation in this format?
  11. wai are you on here but not on gchat?

  12. ............u funneh gurl

  13. Yeah you're right,


    your posts just annoy the fuck out of me and there's really no specific reason for it.

  14. You've been a member for less than a month.




    There's a strict 2 month bar to start posting PSAs

  15. I'd say they'll have a max 2 month laugh life.
  16. .....you have 27 posts to your name and I assume less than 15 reputation points.
  17. A) I dont remember that I wanted to get you in on the game C) I was being serious
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