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  1. ELHAB

    State Results?

    I'm pretty sure we had two teams lose in quarters, one was Buhler Boor/Steffen the other was Buhler Brunner/Pearson, Boor/Steffen lost to St. James in quarterfinals, I don't know who our other team lost to.
  2. You should probably try and stick it out for this year at least, sophomore year tends to be the most difficult year for most people in debate. You just moved from novice where you were beating a lot of people base upon natural talent and intelligence, but now you're debating people who may have more experience than you do and have put a lot of time into debate. If you work hard the rest of this year you will probably begin to see some more success and next year you will begin to reap the benefits. Plus if you've spent all that money on camp you probably at least owe it to your parents to stick it out for at least this season, I've talked my parents into spending money on things I later found out I didn't want to do, staying for this year will at least make it seem like they got some of their money's worth. In short, sophomore year sucks, stay in and see if it gets better.
  3. Off topic but is there a reason Rose Hill isn't in NFL? I didn't know you guys weren't and I'm just curious.
  4. I remember when I was a sophomore
  5. If you check planetdebate I think it's on there for free
  6. This might be a dumb idea but you could also try to get up early and do some practice rounds at the same time as your early round. If you practice the same way that it will be on the day of the tournament it could help,so if you do well in an early practice round it could help with early tourney rounds, I don't know if this is a good idea or not but seems like it might help.
  7. I feel like Adam is getting jumped on here, so please note that this says NOT on the east side of Kansas, so he's saying here in west Kansas he's not a fan of the judging, I'm not going to agree or disagree with him but just read more carefully
  8. ELHAB

    Next Year

    That one team with the two people on it
  9. evanhabluetzel@gmail.com Thank you
  10. ELHAB

    State Results

    Buhler FH won on a 3-0 in sems and Silverlake beat Buhler BS on a 2-1 in the other sems round
  11. ELHAB

    State Results

    In 2 speak Buhler FH won on a 2-1 in finals
  12. It's possible that they would cancel or postpone it, it mostly depends on how bad the roads get, there have been national qualifiers postponed due to inclement weather so they probably wouldn't have a problem doing it with DCI, though i haven't seen the weather forecasts so idk how bad it will truly be
  13. Way to be a complete douche, I said I don't know a lot about it in my answer, why don't you read my post before being a jackass
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