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  1. I'm going to run the Biopower K frequently this year. Its pretty interesting. Its put out by most camps. Check it out.
  2. If you guys have any ideas for something funny to cut, please post it here. If its funny and cut-able then I will cut it and post it. I just like cutting funny stuff.
  3. How would you phrase that in a plan text? The USFG should allow people to eat the rich?
  4. I've been looking for a funny aff to cut (but of course I wont run..). Just for kicks, ya know? How is eating the rich a social service?
  5. I've always wondered: what do people use to hold and organize the papers in their tubs?
  6. So if he made it so it just applied to people in poverty would it be a good aff?
  7. I would like to join. Thanks.
  8. Badozlon


    Is it okay to run more than one T violation or is that considered abusive?
  9. Badozlon


    What is it? Is it a good thing or bad thing to have it or use it or whatever when you're on aff?
  10. Badozlon

    Scapegoat K

    Ok thank you guys so much!
  11. Badozlon

    Scapegoat K

    So a team I'm going up against soon said they were running a scapegoat K on neg against my GTMHRs on aff. What exactly does this K say and how do I counter it?
  12. Whats the counterplan thats hardest to perm? Like if the aff says "perm do both", what cp has the best stuff against that?
  13. Whats stopping us from implementing thermal depolymerization plants now? like whats its inherency?
  14. Badozlon

    Foreign Oil

    Does anyone have a card saying that dependance on foreign oil leads to nuclear war or extinction? Thanks.
  15. I dont know its just for fun, I guess. I want to see the faces on the neg team when they hear the plan text lol. And if we won that would be amazingg. So I might run this against a nooby team that will probably just run their aff as a CP.
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