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  1. I think that, in a capitalistic society, the two are essentially the same. While i wouldn't want someone to steal my labtop, i wouldn't want someone to randomly start living in my house.
  2. How would you answer an essentialist k in regards to patriarchy/feminism?
  3. the foundation trilogy, the name of the rose
  4. Plan: The USFG should substancially increase benefits including but not limited to: education, housing, and food to returning miitary personal. ADV: --morale/heg --Iraq Common neg strats against this aff (other than cap K and case defense)? Thanks! --Speedy
  5. 1. The amount of time you put into it. 2. Ability to learn/natural talent 3. Good support from either coaches, family, or squad. 4. Love for the activity itself. 5. Money.
  6. Really? im all for the constitution in real-life, but in a debate round??? my interp is not that a judge votes on the legality of a plan, but rather which team did the better debating. ie. if something is unconstitutional, but still good, and the team proves its good/best option in the round, i think it should be voted for.
  7. taking the op's question seriously, i prefer judges that either (a) give clear paradigms with which they stick too. ( are policy/tabs judges that don't intervene in aguments, and vote for the better debater rather than with which argument they personaly agree with. that said, ive seen some pretty hot male judges in my time......
  8. i disagree. Its not the govt's job to make medical decesions for us, or rather, in this case, the kid. Sure, the chemo would save him, but chemo also is rather taxing on the body. And no, i did not just get that from things like geocities-- i volunteer at the hospital frequently, sometimes with my father-who happens to be an oncologist. If he'd rather die than go through chemo, its completely his decision. Also, who cares if the parents convinced him? its, still, at the moment, what he beieves.
  9. wait-- does that mean we shouldnt trust you?
  10. you say that in jest, but it's a slippery slope...
  11. Im thinking we should allow all tribal land to be owned by the Natives.....
  12. cap? no, sorry, you must have that confused with communism.
  13. i, for one, think both prostitution and pot should be legal... i also agree with snergy (surprise) on the taxation aspect of it... also, i vote for next monday. synergy: monday. everyone needs a pick-me up on monday.
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