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  1. ahh yes! thank you sooo much! I'm glad to know that this community is so willing to help some random first-timer the day before a tournament it just proves that debaters are amazing!
  2. oh okay. so "advantages" is an umbrella term for solvency, inherency, and such? and same with "disadvantages" for topicality CPs, and general DAs? but i still don't understand- counter plans aren't on the same sheet as any AFF topic? I'm sorry if I'm not understanding you correctly! But thank you so much for replying!
  3. I have my first policy debate tomorrow and I'm a little nervous about flowing... okay so a lot nervous! If I'm flowing the 1AC I put inherency, solvency, etc. on different flow sheets, right? So (and all this will probably sound stupid but,) what NEG topic goes on the solvency sheet? And then DAs go on the advantages one? Topicality on a new one? And CPs on another new one? If I'm missing any probable JV topics for aff OR neg let me know where those go, as well- i always forget something! I'm so worried that because my flow is totally messed up (as it was in practice today!) I won't be able to organize my speech Any help is GREATLY appreciated!! thanks!
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