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  1. Five stars, hands down. This file is incredibly well written, blocked out efficiently, and will win a lot of debates. Though more applicable to the college topic, it functions as an all-purpose critique of the representations behind infrastructure development in the US. Indeed, there's a stark narrative included at the top of the file that compares the freedom attained through energy to the freedom attained through infrastructure, and indicts infrastructure as relying on fossil fuel culture, making this an all-purpose generic critique for both the high school and college topics. Well done, Willmo - it's clear you spent a long time working on this file, and deserve to reap the rewards.
  2. Can anyone set up a Mac port? Microsoft Office 2010 for Mac probably won't be released until December of 2010...
  3. Right, so I know that you can't use VB Macros in Word '08 for Mac. Does anybody have applescripts/any other form of macros specifically for Word '08? Thanks.
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