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  1. For what it's worth, I've been doing some work on a Cross-X replacement throughout the year (been too busy during the season), but it's slated to be finished/published early this summer. Not trying to stop/discourage what ianc403 is doing, but if y'all are working on this for the sole purpose of a forum replacement then your needs will be met soon.
  2. Ninja!

    Bataille K

    I think someone is exaggerating a bit. Debaters aren't philosophers, nor should they act like they are. If you think an explanation of Bataille which uses his jargon in the context of Hegel will make sense to a high school student then you should learn a thing or two about teaching. Those are a thing? That's unfortunate...
  3. Intrinsic perms bad, kills DA ground. #InRoundAbuse
  4. Jordan, get off Cross-x.
  5. These lectures are top notch. If you're serious about reading a Derrida K, watch these. Don't be one of those shitty K teams that gives K debaters a bad name,
  6. Compilation post: Topic Paper http://endi2013.wikispaces.com/file/view/Latin%20America%20Topic%20Paper.pdf/436577172/Latin%20America%20Topic%20Paper.pdf Camp Files Georgia Debate Institute: http://www.georgiade...evidence-packet ENDI: http://endi2013.wiki...es.com/Evidence Georgetown Debate Seminar: http://gds13.wikispaces.com/Evidence UNT: http://www.meangreen...om/evidence.phpUTNIF: http://utdebatecamp.com/2013/utnif-2013-paperless-starter-packs/ Topic Analysis Bauschard Debate: bauscharddebate.com/2013/03/defining-economic-engagement/ UTNIF Neoliberalism Analysis: http://utdebatecamp.com/2013/latin-america-topic-analysis-economic-engagement-and-the-neoliberal-consensus/ ENDI Topic Lecture: http://endi2013.wikispaces.com/Topic+Lecture Demo Debates ENDI: http://endi2013.wikispaces.com/Demo+Debate I'm not trying to take credit away from anyone, it's just always easier to have everything in one post. I'll update this post with more useful links I find.
  7. For starters, I think international fiat is a lot easier to defend on international topics than people believe. The first part of the resolution is whether or not the USfg should do something. If the negative can win that they shouldn't, or that another country can do it better, then the aff should lose. Your counter plan text seems unnecessarily complex that could cause you problems. What is the net benefit? How come the CP wouldn't link to the DA? You lose all perception DA net benefits since they're asking China to do something. You'd also need to find a solvency mechanism that says the US has asked China do economic engagement in Latin America before, and that just doesn't exist.
  8. Ninja!

    League of Legends

    This kid is bad.
  9. You're right, he wasn't trying to make a scientific claim. I was just trying to say in a nice way that no one should make any claims about the community, especially ones about reverse discrimination, without data. There is plenty of data about the disproportionate about of minorities that are put at a disadvantage in the community and the lack of minority judging in college debate. Your arguments devolve into something that scarily similar to conservative's arguments against affirmative action...
  10. I think RyeZOAM is correct. However, I'd like to take what he is saying here and take it a bit farther: The two different fundraisers are incomparable. While I'm not saying there isn't the potential for a finding that correlates with your thoughts, BobbyS, I am saying that there needs to be much more work on making them comparable. There are too many variables that aren't taken into account went postulating the thoughts presented in your post. However, you could use that inductive reasoning to motivate a study/experiment. Your current comparison between the two is what is called a "pre-experiment," pretty unorganized, and doesn't rigorously test your hypothesis. However it gives insight into the topic to justify creating an experiment/test to determine if your hypothesis is true.
  11. Zizek would probably respond with the fact that your "empirical examples" are still stuck in the epistemology of capitalism. The idea that there are things that "we HAVE to do" or "SHOULD do" in response to these events are what both traps us in the ideology of capital and precludes our ability to fight capitalism. Whenever we do nothing, it allows us to take a step back and see all our options and how those options interact with capitalism, socialism, communism, etc. There is no other "do nothing" alternative that isn't Zizek (or quoting Zizek). Even if there is another, it is not as prevalent as the Zizek ones. The assumption was made because it is both more likely for him/her to have heard that alternative and to give him/her the most accurate example of what the argument is. When someone is asking a question to explain an argument, you shouldn't respond if the knowledge you have about the argument is "the explanation that was given to me by another team." That isn't sufficient knowledge to clarify or explain an argument to someone. Also, your "interpretation" is both terribly wrong and is definitely not as legitimate as mine (primarily because mine isn't an interpretation, but a factual statement about the argument). I read these arguments consistently and have immersed myself in this literature. Don't try to pick a fight just because I neg repped you. I did to promote the more informative posts, don't take offense to it. Take it as a message to go read a book or two before you give advice over something you clearly don't have very good knowledge in.
  12. I disagree, trade-off DAs (with the adequate evidence) can be a very solid disadvantage. In regards to "the best trade-off DA" on the topic, I believe it would be the HSR trade-off DA. Think about it, you get the biggest stick aff on the topic as a disad. You'll get access to "DA turns case" AND "Squo solves the aff" arguments.
  13. I think you should start reading existentialism first before you get the file. What I quoted above is doesn't make sense in the context of Camus or absurdism.
  14. /thread. Not only is this the only explanation in this thread that comes close to Zizek's argument, it's also correct.
  15. I think you, OP, should focus on learning the generic policy aff answers to kritiks before you branch out into specifics. Things like cede the political, utilitarianism, pragmatism good, etc.
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