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    If we do an actually relevant debate to the actual resolution we might be able to finish it (I never got in even my 1NC).

    Let me know if you ever want to debate.

  2. i cant find the pigeons thread anymore... this forum's format is conf000000sing....


    firefox firefox panda panda firefox!!!!!!!! random spam/advertising 4 mozilla

  3. COME ON ZEEBA!!! WE NEED TO DEBATE ABOUT SOMETHING!!! We don't have to use evidence if you don't want to. It might be cumbersome anyway.

  4. I think I have visited this page 24 times. I need something to do.


  5. So, we at school were thinking about running a time travel counter plan. The way it would work would be this: 1. We use as much money as we can to fund time travel research. 2. No matter how long it takes us, once we have time travel, we travel back in time (like into the 1800's or whenever you want) and implement the affirmative plan. Net benefits are amazing: 1. We end up spending no money, because we travel back before we spent the money for time travel (and if the aff's plan is as great as they say, we will actually make a profit!!) 2. The aff plan will work a lot better back in the 1800's (or whenever). Like if we started using wind energy before fossil fuels, we would have no grid problems, etc. The only problem I can think of is that they would perm this pretty easy.
  6. The only problems with aliens is that they are not immune to the diseases on Earth (a la War of the Worlds), and therefore could be wiped out because of a cold, pneumonia, etc.
  7. They could run an aliens case... I noticed nothing about aliens in the Stimulus package...

  8. My partner and I ran the DA Phonan posted above (my friend Debate Man gave it to me) twice against wind cases (at our last tournament), but the judges pretty much dismissed it as idiocy. If you run this, make sure you are either going to win by a landslide, or you know there is no way you are going to win the round
  9. Hey, no one goes here anymore. Anyway, Obama has successfully DESTROYED the concept of Inherency on this years polocy topic. I wonder how the coaches will handle this one.

  10. no, i did not spell zeeba wrong, and yes, i shouldn't be flashing 238 around. however, no one knows 238 is special...

  11. you spelled zebra wrong...

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