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    2011 Debate Camps

    I have been to both the three week and the 2 week up at KU there well run and you get to see and know all of your competition in kansas its a great way to makes some debate friends you will see all year they have a very intense and competitive tourny, i would recommend it, the lab leaders are awesome very chill and know there "stuff" its not too expensive close to home and i would say its the best for making some good contacts i know i still talk to and use my lab leaders for help and references to other debate schools overall if your a debater in kansas, KU is the way to go for price and development. now im sure there are better camps but for a kansas debater i think its the best choice you learn about anything from straight policy too theory and K's and projects i know when i went there they had devon the CEDA champ from towson give a lecture on project affs - it doesnt get much better than that if your looking to learn about more outside kansas relm debate
  2. Name: Evan Johnson High School: Wichita East High School ( WEast ) College: KCK or Emporia Major (planned): Education, Communications Debating:of course not ..... never ...... why would I?
  3. this thread is just to see who all is competing at the college level and for who. i know nothing is final yet but if you are debating next year odds are you have already talked to the assistant coaches or coaches about it so post where you are going to debate or where you think you will be debating or who you are gunna try to debate for i know i will most likely be at KCK for debate next year
  4. like for what purpose i have tonssss
  5. a cool idea that only affs that explore or develop space are topical so all planet colonization affs would be untopical because they dont develop or explore space but a planet infinite number of planets and advs to each planet couldnt ever prep for them all
  6. i dont think i disagree with you for the most part, but i dont think in all instance the aff idea is effects T, it would increase funding for nasa to make a last resort plan. the fact that there is solvency mitigation ( funding hedge ) just proves that with this aff you would have to advocate some sort of xxx tech ( no abuse still a question of solvency ) i just dont know what that would be at this time but i still think it would be topical it just depends on how the plan is put out like, plan dedicate funding to asteroid mapping. why increase funding ? funding is low why not just create the program. it already exists ( so in allot of cases you cant just say build xxx your inturp blocks allot out ) its the same thing with nasa, underfunded so you fund it to gain a result, it is on the line and could be above or below it but a debate to be had, i do agree that depending on how the aff is run it could be abusive
  7. 1. Turn: spreading boosts short term memory, key to education and everyday life Psychology Today October 1992 (report of the results of the Raine et al study) "If friends criticize you for talking too fast, at least they can't also accuse you of having a bad memory. Speech rate is a strong index of short term memory span... 'Therefore, the faster you can talk, the greater your short-term memory,' says Adrian Raine, PhD, a University of Southern California psychologist. The link has been established for adults for some time, Raine reports in Child Development. Now, he and his colleagues find the correlation holds for kids as well, a finding that promises short-term payoff in the classroom and long-term payoff in life. Short-term memory is the power behind recall of phone numbers, directions, and other everyday tasks. It is also the foundation of arithmetic and reading skills... That raises the possibility that speech- training may be a short-cut to achievement." (p.14) 2. How fast is ‘too fast’? There’s no bright line, my partner’s pretty sure i’m moving along way too slow now 3. Turn: Talking faster increases memory, preventing losses with age Hulme, Charles & Mackenzie, Susie. (1992). Working Memory and Severe Learning Difficulties. Hillsdale, USA: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Pg 45 "These results are striking in that the same linear function relating recall to speech rate fits the results for all age groups. Subjects of different ages in this study all recalled, on average, as much as they could say in roughly 1.5 seconds. Increases in memory span with age are seen to be very closely related to changes in speech rate with age. Thus the results of these different studies are remarkably clear and consistent. The dramatic improvements in serial recall performance with increasing age are closely and quantitatively related to changes in speech rate. In terms of the articulatory loop theory, which gave impetus to these studies, the length of the loop appears to remain constant across different ages; more material is stored in this system because it can be spoken and so rehearsed more rapidly. These results, relating developmental increases in speech rate to increases in short-term memory efficiency, lead quite directly to a simple causal theory: That increases in memory span with age depend upon increases in speech rate. Needless to say, however, such a theory is not necessitated by the findings. The findings are essentially correlational; as children get older their speech rate increases and in line with this so does their memory performance. It could be that both these changes depend upon some other factor. The obvious way to test this causal theory is to conduct a training study. If short-term memory depends upon speech rate, if we can successfully train children to speak faster, then this should, according to the theory, lead to a corresponding increase in short-term memory. (p.45) 4. Turn: speed solves elitism: you can come from a poor background and practice an hour a day spreading anything, newspapers or books, and you’ll be a better debater for it. Without speed debate would be for the rich elite only.   5. Turn: expanded working memory is critical to literacy and math Hulme, Charles & Mackenzie, Susie. (1992). Working Memory and Severe Learning Difficulties. Hillsdale, USA: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Pg 21 "In its broadest sense, working memory refers to the use of temporary storage mechanisms in the performance of more complex tasks. So, for example, in order to read and understand prose, we must be able to hold incoming information in memory. This is necessary in order to compute the semantic and syntactic relationships among successive words, phrases, and sentences and so construct a coherent and meaningful representation of the meaning of the text. This temporary storage of information during reading is said to depend on working memory. In this view the ability to understand prose will depend on, among other things, the capacity of a person’s working memory system. Such temporary storage of information is obviously necessary for the performance of a wide variety of other tasks apart from reading, such as mental arithmetic (Hitch, 1978) and verbal reasoning (Baddeley & Hitch, 1974)." 6. Turn: spreading increases education by allowing a discussion of more issues, if we couldn’t read a bunch of answers we couldn’t have a tenth the depth of a good fast round 7. Turn: Speed is critical linguistic abilities Stine, Elizabeth L., Wingfield, Arthur, & Poon, Leonard. (1986). How much and how fast: Rapid processing of spoken language in later adulthood. Psychology and Aging, vol. 1, no. 4, 303-311. P.303 "At a very fast rate, several things must be accomplished. The various processes required to recode linguistic stimuli into meaning have been articulated for both spoken language (Just & Carpenter, 1980; Marslen-Wilson & Tyler, 1980) and written text (Kintsch & vanDijk, 1978; J. Miller & Kintsch, 1980). There must be some initial phase in which the stimulus is encoded, physical features (visual or acoustic) are extracted, and lexical access is achieved (Just & Carpenter, 1980). Next, the language content must be parsed into meaningful idea units in which relationships are determined among words (Kintsch & vanDijk, 1978). These relationships are typically represented in terms of propositions consisting of a predicate and one or more arguments that are related by the predicate. Third, relationships between idea units of the text must be established in order to construct overall structural coherence in the text. Finally, the text must be related to and integrated with world knowledge. Although such processes would undoubtedly have to work in both a top-down and bottom-up fashion, the output at each of these stages would have to be held in an online working memory for an effective integration of meaning." 8. Turn: fast debate is more fun, it adds such a new level of depth to debate, speed is indispensable to it, I’d probably quit if I couldn’t go fast
  8. i feel like the way the topic is worded you could increase funding for nasa to develop a last resort ( get off the rock plan ) and argue that humanity's choice is essentially between expansion off the Earth into space, versus cultural (and eventually biological) stagnation and death. there would be a impact problem like when will it happen i feel like the risk of a simple spending da could beat this aff, but theres some good evidence that says that solar flairs will destroy the earth by 2012 or soon at least giving you just as good a timeframe as a spending da can generate. also i feel like it is much easier to prove eventual biological stagnation than most impacts because on some level it is just true about the funding depending on where u go on the impact level it cold be like an insane amount and read a bunch of ev that says we have the tech to send ppl away to planets now and say impacts will happen by 2012. then use the insane amount of funding to answer back any solvency mitigation saying that more funding would cause the space stuff to be better than it is now and all you have to win is that you can save enough ppl to repopulate lastly there is the turn that says we will do this to every planet we go to but there is also good ev that says when it happens once we will make sure it doesnt happen again and reform our purpose as humans to protect the environment and work with it and understand it to eventually discover ones being could be a cool adv
  9. increase funding for nasa create new international space station
  10. well its the counter inturp on T that makes the T blocks good but they didnt get extended and we wernt winning the we meet for obvious reasons like there not a 75% troop withdrawal which i think was ur inturp
  11. first off i talked to collman about the round and he said we were winning T, the counter inturp just didnt get extended in the 2ar so he voted against us and his old debate coach the other guy said he voted for the same reason, i still stand to this day that a we meet is a counter inturp but its whatever that was our first round ever with that aff
  12. ive responded to everyone i thought but i just got home email me again
  13. lol just thought i would clarify, im a bit defensive about my aff but then again who isnt
  14. no this aff is awesome the cards are awesome and the T frontlines are leeeeggggiiiittttttt! IM SURE YES THERE ARE NEG ARGUMENTS TO EVERYTHING HAHAHAHA but thats the point of debate, and crazy vs crazy is dumb and my aff isnt untopical ( ppl run T to anything that isnt troop withdrawal but the topic doesnt say troops its says military presence which means all you have to prove is that the presence is substantial and it is ) is it just squirrely because its not in a camp file? anyone i have traded the aff 2 will tell u the aff is just as solid as any other aff out there
  15. there isnt a TOC for it i would have to go back and format everything so the TOC wouldnt have a bunch of extra crap in it and i dont want to do that if u email me i can send u pre flows for the aff or a pic of the first page with a document map so u know i have it what i said in the first comment is what u get
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