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  1. Hey KingofSoda, the only DA Pappas goes for is the limits DA. The diplomatic capital DA, what a joke. Thomason 2002 for lyfe, CTMoney out
  2. Hey Pedro, stop being a bitch and cut your own cards instead of leading on an author to write more for you. Your request was basically "can I have a new 2AC to reverse island hopping?". One sec brb, gotta email Thomason to write more T combat troop cards. CT$$$$$
  3. Yes. In my vast collection of debate videos, I have compiled a number featuring the debater known as Alexander Diamond "Pappdaddy" Pappas. I have a wide variety you can choose from. Here's a selective list of Pappas going for the best arguments in his arsenal. 2NR vs. Canterbury Episcopal - Pappas went for Signing Statements 2NR vs. Lakeland - Pappas went for CMR 2NR vs. Glenbrook South - T or means and The rest of his 2NRs in the videos have been either CMR or signing statements. Sincerely, CT$$$$$$$$$
  4. Can anyone who was there give me results? For some reason there's nothing up on the warm room. I heard it was highly competitive this year and wanted to know if Gulliver won or not. I'm a big Gulliver groupie, but everybody probably knew that already. LOVE YOU GREG!!!!
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