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  1. what to the two above terms mean?
  2. deathrow93


    What is an Add-On? And how does one structure an Add-On?
  3. deathrow93

    2AC Blocks

    What are some general tips/rules/guidelines/etc...for writing effective 2AC blocks?
  4. Does anyone have any old Terror Talk backfiles they are willing to trade?
  5. Does anybody have blocked out answers to these arguments for a foucault K? Or, Can point me in the direction of books I could cut to answer these arguments? P.S. the only thing i really have to trade is a 1000 page heg file if anyone is interested?
  6. Does anybody have any framework based DA's that they would be willing to trade for a 1000 page heg file?
  7. deathrow93

    CP texts

    when you run lets say an exclusion PIC excluding natives, then read an agent CP in the text of the agent CP should you add in the exclusion of the natives i.e. The Supreme Court should.......except for natives?
  8. I actually was wondering what are A2 those perms not necessarily what perms to make against the CP, but what would the neg say against those perms?
  9. How do you handle the perm on one of these counterplans (ex: the united states federal government should give money to prisons) the cp adds the condition that they must also decrease overcrowding (ex: the united states federal government should give money to prisons, on the condition that they will decrease prison overcrowding) so how would one handle the perm on this CP?
  10. wait so could congress be like we are going to make a new law that repeals the hyde ammendment? and if so how would that apply to writing a CP? Like what would the text be? Congress should make a new law that repeals the Hyde ammendment (law)?
  11. Why are they strategic?
  12. I think you are right the way that i understand it is that under the 14th ammendment congress could overrule the hyde ammendment due to the fact that it deprives pregnant women who are opting for an abortion medicaid am I right in how I understand this?
  13. Is there someone/body that can overrule an ammendment/law (i.e. the hyde ammendment) besides the Supreme Court?
  14. is there any other way that someone/body would be able to overturn an ammendment/law (i.e. hyde ammendment) besides the Supreme Court?
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