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  1. I think PSouth is Zhao/Syed and Shariff/O'BRIEN EDIT: to the anonymous neg rep 1. I may "suck" at policy, but I still think you're amazing just the way you are 2. I challenge you to a dance battle
  2. I watched a relatively fast debate and heard the 2ac say something that sounded like "one see one... one see two" as signposting. What does this mean?
  3. Pretty sure from Parkway South it's (Jeffrey) Zhao/Bhatnagar and Collier/Liang
  4. I've heard one reason is that having access to camp (back)files takes away from the learning process of cutting cards.
  5. Just for clarification, if the aff has, say, four solvency arguments (subpoints A-D), does the neg provide responses to the arguments (grouped accordingly) and then provide new solvency arguments starting as subpoint E?
  6. Is it a legitimate and/or fair neg strategy to run a CP and also run a DA which links to both the CP and the affirmative plan and then argue that if the CP is dropped, the judge should consider the DA? In other words, the neg runs a CP and DA. The DA links to the CP and aff plan. The neg eventually drops the CP and goes for the DA in the 2nr. Is this fair?
  7. Is it acceptable to introduce new evidence in the 1nr if it makes the same point as previous evidence or arguments? i.e. the new evidence only strengthens previous arguments.
  8. T: Nuke is not Alternative Energy because it's expanding and in use on a large scale right now. Isn't it kind of abusive to take out all disads by saying nuclear is inevitable?
  9. USFG should ratify Section 123 (some nuclear reactor agreement) with Russia.
  10. Why didn't I think of that?!?! Economic collapse is going to save America!!! An Ice Age is coming in a few years!!! Not the best arguments to make, especially in some conservative areas.
  11. I think that they mean impacts such as China War where the US will be drawn in or a WWIII. It could be useful.
  12. PV doesn't use silver either. Silver DA is based on the fact that transmitting the electricity uses silver.
  13. There's probably a lot of CSP stuff in any solar neg you find such as: it wastes water it damages ecosystems silver
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