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  1. Are there any other education cases out there other than head start or early education?
  2. in indiana debate it is completely fine to specify spending
  3. It would only be xtra t if you claim your advantage off it, like taxing tobacco equals less cancer deaths as an advantage, there is nothing wrong with having another form of funding other than normal means, just dont claim an advantage off it.
  4. You aare a Poopface, Austin.


    I'll see you at Bendavis.

  5. well oil prices have been high the summer of 08, and the official start of the recesion was stated to be december of 07, so what i would run against that da is if low prices are the only reason were not in a depression than we should be in one now seeing as there were high prices while we were in the recession
  6. my least favorite t run against me is shifting incentives is non topical, its a bs argument especially when the shifting is just shifting one type of ethanol funding to another.
  7. Has anyone thought of any good das for a carbon tax aff?
  8. We hit an algae ethanol case last week. It was pretty strong. Has anyone else heard of it?
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