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  1. yes i really would prefer to go neg. and how would evidence work? you just want to email each other the evidence we read?
  2. If you're the bad ass you make yourself out to be you would have 5 bids and would be in the deep outrounds of every tourney. and yes bid count is an indicator b/c theres a difference between a good debater and a good speaker. Never claimed to be awesome. And i'd prefer to go neg b/c I go aff alot.
  3. I'm no where near a terrible debater and I'm defitnly an average debater. I improved over the year when I was pretty much a naive novice, and ive beaten pretty good teams who broke at tfa and got a toc bid etc. I'm not the best nor have I ever claimed to be. I don't know what you're issue with me is. yes you crushed me the last two times we debated but our last debate was pretty close. and yes you qualled for the TOC and you're probably pretty good, but seriously, you run you're mouth a ton for someone who has only 3 bids compared to alot more teams who have alot more bids than you and are better than you, so why do you always run you're mouth and act the way you do? go fuck yourself and stroke you're ego somewhere else.
  4. lookin to vdebate someone via recorded speechs. I have a camera so I can post mine on youtube.
  5. sean i looked you up on facebook once and I hardly doubt you got a date. Also back from senior prom at 10:54 pm.....hmmmm.. this laughs at itself.
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha you're so funny.
  7. there isnt a rule really, but does it take him 4 days to even ask cx questions, he's on this website alot. for ex: in my vdebate with him it took him two weeks to post a 2ar. it gets frustrating when the other person doesnt even check in and say ill need time or something. if he knew he wouldnt have time he should have never agreed to debate. plus svfrey recently said in his election thread " since im done with college apps i have more time for this website" he obviously doesnt. and seriously it takes like an hour to type up a 1ar.
  8. you shouldve never done this debate, svfrey loves to start debates and use at least 2 weeks of prep between speeches. I mean it took him 4 days to copy and paste ospec, t-alt energy, and cap blocks.
  9. sry for the vague decision, so ask questions if you want to know specifics behind my rfd. EDIT: So basically heres my rationale: the aff nor the neg establish a decision calculas for impacts, so I default to who has the bigger impacts which is the aff since they access lots of extinction/nuclear war impacts from the conceded offense.
  10. ill post mine I vote aff on conceded offense on the disads which outweigh the k's. If you have any questions on specific arguments, or what you should have done etc ill answer them. good debate.
  11. Last year they accepted an independent entry.
  12. i'm pretty sure UT accepts independents.
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